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You Can’t Catch Me 南十字星浪漫笔记 (2019)

You Can’t Catch Me (2019)
Other Title: 南十字星浪漫笔记 / Nan Shi Zi Xing Lang Man Bi Ji

Genres: Romance, Youth
China Mainland
Gu Yun Yun (顾赟赟)
Wang Huan (王欢)
Release Date:
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  • Chen Xue Dong as Hao Weilai
  • Song Yi as Xia Yuan
  • Xu Yang
  • Han Tong Sheng
  • Wang Shu Yi as Ah Hui
  • Li Meng Meng
  • Wang Xiang Hong

Shanghai girl Xia Yuan is the head of the sales department of a well-known brand. After her career was stable, she proposed to her boyfriend Song Hangyu who had been in contact for three years, but he was missing. Xia Yuan heard that Song Hangyu went to Australia, so he left everything to give himself a year to go to Australia to find Song Hangyu. On the other side, Hao Hao, who had a holiday in Shanghai and Xia Yuan, was arranged by his father to work in Australia for ruin due to the bankruptcy of his father. Ye Siqi, a girl from the 95s who lived in Shanghai, and Qiao Bin, who grew up in Shanghai, flashed away, and Ye Siqi, who was in a hurry to pursue a new life, also embarked on a trip to Australia.

Joe Bin, who regrets the divorce, followed Ye Siqi’s footsteps. Followed by came to Australia, the four met in the wrong place and accompanied the road. This year, four people went to work in farms, yacht rental companies, wineries, playgrounds, etc. The four people were in conflict with each other and finally formed a shadow. Finally, Xia Yuan completely put down the past and joined hands with Hao Future to meet new life. Hao Hao was also bankrupt under the accompaniment of Xia Yuan and revived his business, and Ye Siqi and Qiao Bin slowly ran into each other this year and rejoined together

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