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You Are So Sweet (2020) 你听起来很甜

You Are So Sweet (2020)
Other Title: 你听起来很甜, Ni Ting Qi Lai Hen Tian, Ni Ting Qi Lai Hen Tian , You Sound Sweet , 你聽起來很甜 , You Sound Very Sweet , Ni ting qilai hen tian

Genres: Romance, Comedy
China Mainland
Tan Min (覃旻)
Release Date:
Nov 5, 2020 – Nov 21, 2020
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  • Zhao Zhi Wei as Gu Huiyu
  • Sun Yi Ning as Xia Xiaoning
  • Li Xiang Zhe
  • Chen Shi Min
  • Ding Xiao Ying
  • Tang Fei

Romance between an intern voice dubber and a mysterious figure in the CV world.

“You sound sweet” for the first time focused on the voice-over circle, with the new voice of the career circle Xia Xiaoning (Sun Yining) as the entry point, telling her hidden identity in the circle of the big god Gu Chenyu (Zhao Zhiwei) as an assistant, Because the two people’s information is not equal, it caused a series of ridiculous misunderstandings, but it also made Xia Xiaoning go to the center of the whirlpool. Just as she struggled to gain a foothold in the workplace, by coincidence, he helped the overbearing president Xie Fei (Li Xiangzhe) to drive away a dog. As another voice-over god “Xie Wuchang”, Xie Fei also pursued a passionate pursuit of Xia Xiaoning. . How did Xia Xiaoning, who had just reached a settlement with Gu Chenyu and warmed up, to make a choice under the chase of the two gods in the circle? How should her career grow?

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