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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 17 Recap

In order for He Xiaoqing to make a good impression on his grandfather, Bi Zhanlang began to train her to grind coffee. He Xiaoqing was a little overwhelmed at once, but in order not to disappoint Bi Zhanlang, she had to insist on taking notes seriously.

After A Xu and Qiao Lingling bought vegetables, they went to the orphanage together. They are going to make udon noodles for the children together. Qiao Lingling had never experienced such a thing before. She felt a little restrained, but she also found it very fresh.

Bi Zhanlang wanted to make He Xiaoqing a perfect image to appear in front of grandpa. He Xiaoqing thinks that that is not the real self. Even if it can win Grandpa’s satisfaction in a short time, the shelf life should not be long. Bi Zhanlang didn’t want to hurt his beloved because of his grandfather’s dissatisfaction. He Xiaoqing had to agree to cooperate with Bi Zhanlang.

Qiao Lingling tells stories vividly to children in the orphanage. Seeing these cute children attracted by their own stories, my heart is full of satisfaction. It made her feel that her life was so pale. She confided to Axu that her original life was like being surrounded by frames, but gradually found that those frames were collapsing a little bit: the marriage of her parents became riddled with holes; she chose Bi Zhanlang by mistake; A wrong friend like Caiyin. These realities make Qiao Lingling feel helpless. Axu asked her to think about the problem from another angle.

Perhaps the collapse of the frame just allowed her to get rid of the shackles of the past and can boldly choose the path she wants to take. Axu told her about the sweat and hard work behind her glamorous appearance in pursuit of the career she loves. Axu encouraged her to also find the way she likes, and there may be surprises in the process. A Xu’s words gave Qiao Lingling her hope for life again.

Bi Zhanlang and He Xiaoqing also came to the orphanage. He Xiaoqing accompanied Qiao Lingling to visit here. They chatted together, and He Xiaoqing helped Qiao Lingling open her heart, making them good friends. Before leaving, the dean of the orphanage asked He Xiaoqing to accompany him to meet an old friend. Unexpectedly, the person they went to meet was Bi Zhanlang’s grandfather. The coffee and tea knowledge prepared by He Xiaoqing just came in handy. After He Xiaoqing left, the dean gave a detailed introduction to Bi Zhanlang’s grandfather.

Bi Zhanang’s grandfather wants to use the opportunity of watching a drama to see He Xiaoqing. Bi Zhanlang looked very nervous, but He Xiaoqing didn’t care. When the performance was about to begin, He Xiaoqing, who was well-dressed, came to greet Bi Zhanlang’s grandfather.

After the performance, Grandpa Bi offered to send He Xiaoqing home so that Bi Zhanlang and Qian An’er would go back first. He Xiaoqing took the initiative to apologize to Grandpa Bi, admitting that she had recognized him as Bi Zhanlang’s grandfather yesterday. Grandpa Bi was very satisfied with these two meetings. However, he hopes that Bi Zhanlang can be with a great girl. Qian An’er is his criterion for choosing grandson-in-law.

As long as He Xiaoqing is better than Qian An’er, he will not object to them being together. He Xiaoqing thinks that she and Qian An’er are two different people and cannot be compared with her. She and Bi Zhanlang chose each other because they liked each other. Grandpa Bi appreciates He Xiaoqing’s ideas, but he still insists on doing a game competition. The bet is that Grandpa Bi will bear the education expenses of all children in the orphanage before graduation. He Xiaoqing seemed embarrassed.

When I got home, my aunt kept asking He Xiaoqing about seeing her parents, but He Xiaoqing didn’t know how to answer. Leaf excuses that He Xiaoqing is too tired, and asks her mother to rest early to help He Xiaoqing avoid questioning.

Dongfang Yu received Qian An’er’s message, and she told Dongfang Yu that her grandfather had asked her to compete with He Xiaoqing. Qian An’er has always liked Dongfang Yu. Dongfang Yu kept thinking about the past with Qian An’er at this time.

He Xiaoqing was not confident about the game against Qian An’er. Bi Zhanlang has been encouraging her. In order to help her cope with the game, Bi Zhanlang called everyone together to discuss countermeasures.

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