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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 16 Recap

He Xiaoqing took the initiative to help Bi Zhanlang make dim sum. In order to be more suitable for the elderly, he also deliberately replaced the pork floss with the pork crisp. After it was done, she let Bi Zhanlang use it to please grandpa. When Bi Zhanlang came home, he deliberately said that he had waited in a long line to buy it, and he was very pleased with his grandpa.

Qian An’er came to He Xiaoqing’s work place to buy clothes. Dayin’s playboy Meng Chao came with An’er and asked to pay for it.

Ye Zi and Zhu Shuo smoked a lot of plush toys, and they happened to ran into Qian An’er outside the mall. In order to thank Meng Chao, Qian An’er bought a soft toy with Ye Zi and gave it to him. After returning home, Ye Zi told He Xiaoqing about Meng Chao and Qian An’er. Ye Zi felt that Qian An’er was like a girlish version of Dongfang Yu.

Qian An’er transferred to Bi Zhanlang’s class. Bi Zhanlang introduced He Xiaoqing to her. Qian An’er is very lively, like a happy little bird, who has to follow everywhere. He Xiaoqing had to take her to work together. Qian An’er wanted to buy clothes for Bi Zhanlang, but He Xiaoqing put them back under the pretext of inappropriateness. Seeing Qian An’er being so affectionate to Bi Zhanlang, He Xiaoqing couldn’t bear it. Bi Zhanlang was also embarrassed to be caught between the two girls. After eating, Qian An’er was guilty of choice phobia and deliberately didn’t know what to choose.

He Xiaoqing was very dissatisfied with Qian An’er’s performance and was a little angry. Qian An’er took advantage of Bi Zhanlang’s departure and quietly told He Xiaoqing that her grandfather had sent her. In fact, she doesn’t like Bi Zhanlang at all, and especially hopes that He Xiaoqing can be recognized by her grandfather and help herself resolve the pressure from her grandfather.

Dongfang Yu hasn’t appeared since Qian An’er came to the school. Dongfang Yu curled up at home, tears streaming down his face. He recalled that when he was in middle school, Qian An’er fell down the stairs because of a mistake, unconscious. Although the rescue was timely, no major accidents were caused. But since then he has been unable to forgive the harm he caused to Qian An’er.

Bi Zhanlang came to comfort him, but Dongfang Yu always eliminated his inner self-blame. Bi Zhanlang originally planned to let Dongfang Yu serve as a military adviser to advise himself, but now it seems that he has fallen through and can only rely on himself. Grandpa asked Qian An’er about He Xiaoqing’s news, and asked her if she had no confidence to surpass He Xiaoqing.

He Xiaoqing and Ye Zi went to class. They were all looking strangely around. They didn’t know what was going on. At this moment, Qian An’er ran to tell her that Grandpa decided to see He Xiaoqing had passed on the little speaker. In fact, Qian An’er asked Meng Hao to help publish it on the Internet. Caiyin quietly took pictures of what she saw from the side.

Caiyin came to Qiao Lingling, and wanted to provoke He Xiaoqing and Qiao Lingling’s relationship, and reported to her about He Xiaoqing and Qian An’er getting along well. Qiao Lingling didn’t want to listen to these things she said, Caiyin became self-confidently boring.

When Bi Zhanlang learned that his grandfather wanted to see He Xiaoqing, he hurriedly pulled He Xiaoqing to make preparations. He Xiaoqing is going to the Qiao Group to help A Xu get things. Dongfang Yu came to school in disguise and asked Ye Zi to tell He Xiaoqing how to please Grandpa Bi Zhanlang. Suddenly saw Qian An’er approaching and hurriedly slipped away. Qiao Junhui told Qiao Lingling that Qiao Yonggang’s problem had been solved and that he would not bring back the illegitimate child outside.

Qiao Lingling called A Xu, hoping to relax with her. A Xu canceled all the announcements and made time to accompany Qiao Lingling. Early in the morning, he and Qiao Lingling came to the restaurant to learn how to make udon noodles. He wanted Qiao Lingling to feel the beauty of life. Qiao Lingling looked at the noodles she made by herself, as if she had seen a different kind of herself. Axu encouraged her to try more to discover more potential in her body.

In order to be recognized by his grandfather, Bi Zhanlang is training He Xiaoqing’s tea and coffee tutorials attentively. If grandpa’s approval can be obtained at the first meeting, it will save a lot of trouble in the future. Caiyin saw A Xu and Qiao Lingling together outside the supermarket, and saw that they were still visiting the supermarket together. She didn’t understand what was going on.

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