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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 15 Recap

In order to thank Ye Ye for the hard work of the student department recently because of the concert, Dongfang Yu used the movie ticket resold to him by Bi Zhanlang to invite Ye Ye to watch the movie, but Ye Ye misunderstood it. After watching the movie, Ye Ye saw that Dongfang Yu showed no signs of falling in love, so he took the initiative to stop him, wanting him to give himself a clear answer. Dongfang Yu knew that Ye Zi had misunderstood their relationship, and he just regarded Ye Zi as a normal friend.

Although Ye Ye was mentally prepared in advance, in the end he couldn’t control his emotions and ran away crying. Seeing Ye Ye who was sad and leaving, Dongfang Yu stood there blankly. The reason he did this was because he didn’t want Ye Ye to be hurt more, because there was always a pain in his heart that he didn’t want to mention.

Ye Zi came to the milk tea shop crying alone. He happened to be seen by Zhu Shuo, who was a waiter here. He took the initiative to send Ye Zi a new dessert, hoping to bring strength to the sad Ye Zi. Ye Zi feels embarrassed, but crying harder. The figure of Dongfang Yu in his mind couldn’t escape. Seeing Dongfang Yu’s call, she didn’t answer, but cried and ate desserts, as if this would make herself more comfortable. After Zhu Shuo got off work, he saw Ye Zi outside waiting for him. Ye Zi wanted to walk with him.

Bi Zhanlang also hoped that Dongfang Yu and Ye Zi could use the opportunity of watching the movie to create sparks. At this time, Dongfang Yu called He Xiaoqing and told her that the leaves were missing.

Ye Zi insisted to follow Zhu Shuo home and cried to him about his broken love. Ye Zi helped Zhu Shuo cook. Zhu Shuo called He Xiaoqing quietly and told He Xiaoqing that Ye Zi was at his house, so she could rest assured.

Ye Zi made a meal, and while feeding Zhu Shuo’s brother, he told him stories. Looking at this kind girl, Zhu Shuo felt warm in his heart. He Xiaoqing and Bi Zhanlang came to find Ye Zi, met and taught Ye Zi a meal, and then took her away.

Ye Zi saw his self-study notes at Zhu Shuo’s home. I prepared a lot of stationery and materials for him to study. Let him prepare for the self-study exam. And as long as there is time, Ye Ye will help Zhu Shuo review. In the process of gradual contact, they gradually developed different feelings.

When Ye Ye saw Dongfang Yu again, there was more embarrassment between each other. After reviewing his homework, Zhu Shuo came to find Ye Zi and saw Dong Fang Yu and Ye Ye together. Ye Zi was talking to Dong Fang Yu that she had admired and liked him. At that time, Dong Fang Yu illuminated her world like the sun. Now Ye Zi is relieved.

Although she can’t embrace Dongfang Yu, the sun, she will be a girl like a star to warm others. And Zhu Shuo is the one she wants to be warm. Ye Zi found Zhu Shuo running away angrily. With Dongfang Yu’s encouragement, Ye Zi chased Zhu Shuo bravely. Seeing that Zhu Shuo had a misunderstanding about him, Ye Zi anxiously explained to him that he no longer liked Dongfang Yu, and proactively kissed Zhu Shuo. Zhu Shuo was overwhelmed with joy.

Qiao Lingling’s parents quarreled at home, and Qiao Yonggang beat Qiao Lingling’s mother. All this was heard by Qiao Lingling, who was hiding by the side. She could only endure the pain and cry secretly.

Bi Zhanlang’s grandfather was very angry because of Bi Xiwen’s decision to leave the company suddenly to go abroad with Dong Xin. He thought that the family was in a mess, and decided to take Qian An’er back home quickly.

The news of Qiao Lingling’s father Qiao Yonggang’s marital change spread overwhelmingly on the Internet, and Qiao Lingling took sick leave from the school. Qiao’s family became misty for a while.

Bi Xiwen called to tell Bi Zhanlang the news of his grandfather’s return to China, so that he could prepare mentally in advance. Grandpa’s sudden return caught Bi Zhanang by surprise. Bi Zhanlang told Dongfang Yu the news of Qian An’er’s return, and Dongfang Yu was stunned.

Bi Zhanlang came to tell He Xiaoqing that his grandfather was coming back. He was worried that his grandfather would object to them being together, so now he must find a way to deal with it and also deal with the girl Qian An’er brought by his grandfather.

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