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Return the world to you Episode 17

Sun Peter Le is very sorrowful poetry brand scenery is no longer. I didn’t see the video and I went to Qin, but Qin also didn’t hang up on the sofa. I didn’t want to comfort him to go back to the original company, but Qin also snarled and ignored his affairs. I have made up my mind to go to work at Shien, and I have not felt sorry for him when I saw Qin’s engagement diamond ring.

Sun Qin also left about Peter saw the song Aires newspaper, he was very proud, they would ink many talk about their love, the reason why the star couple shots below big show of affection, because they have a common interest in it In fact, there are all kinds of play behind. Why Qin also left Goliss because he had already moved the woman to the real thing. In terms of feelings, whoever moves the real person will lose, so it is doomed that Qin will also be out.

The poetry show was already almost ready. Sun Peter specially asked his men to watch Qin, and Qin also proposed the packaging improvement of the stage and the design of the QR code, which made Sun Peter very satisfied. He quickly found it. The most advanced photographers help me to record personal interviews. Chen Boqian re-improved his plan and sent it to Yien. This time he wants to consider Qin’s opinion and try to compress the stage’s cost. Yiyi did not adopt his opinion. She told Chen Boqian to be responsible for the best design and effect. As for the financial aspects, she will be responsible for it.

Soon, Christis received an invitation from Shien. In the invitation letter, Shien explained that she would come to the grand light show, and the poetry’s concept of the show was exactly the same as that of Chen Boqian. Ian saw the invitation, and there was no feeling. The company was spreading the secrets of Qin.
Sherin, who has always secretly loved Qin, since she heard Qin’s departure, was not a taste in her heart. She gave me a lot of calls and no one answered. Finally, she saw Qin on the street. She greeted Qin and asked him why. After picking up his own phone, Qin did not say that he was very busy.

Qin also started to be busy in the backstage of the show. Mo Xu did not give vigilance. He also brought a lot of people to follow and monitor him secretly. Finally, at the beginning of the show, they found that Qin was also doing small moves.
The show has already begun, the celebrities of the entire fashion industry have come to participate, did not go with the invitation letter, the poet’s people will Qin also locked in the bathroom. The light show has already begun, and the models are wearing beautifully designed clothes walking under the vast lights, where the skirts are flowing. In the audience, there was a lot of cheers. Sun Peter used the two-dimensional code of the luminous light to build momentum for the company according to Qin’s previous suggestions.

When the audience scanned the night light QR code with interest, they found that the video protagonist of the QR code link was Chen Boqian. Chen Boqian publicly denounced the poetry plagiarism in the video. He also said that all the designs and ideas in the star show are plagiarism. His, there are several other designers in the video who have always pointed to Shien repeatedly plagiarizing their works, and people have evidence. The audience began to whisper, Sun Peter angered to the center of the t-stage, who roared loudly who did this. Of course, he did not think that all of this was planned by Qin and Yien.

This turmoil caused Shien to suffer a painful price. Their brand image was almost deadly destroyed. Qin also returned to Goliss work. It turned out that he and Shien planned in advance, and Huo heard it. The careful arrangement of Yi En to do these plans is greatly appreciated.

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