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Return the world to you Episode 16

Yi En accepts Chen Boqian’s design Qin also confessed rejected. At the staff meeting, Chen Boqian elaborated his point of view. He wanted to use the theme of “the brightest star in the night sky” and use the environment as the background to express the clothes that the models wear and the lighting on the scene and the beauty of the dance for more, want the use of fabrics and design sense to the audience filled with light eyes and ears of some of the feeling that he had just talked about half was Qin also mercilessly rejected, Qin also directly in front of colleagues openly express their doubts, said Chen Po-one thousand The show was so fancy, but the overall cost did not have a concept. The rest of the company also raised objections. Yien was optimistic about Chen Boqian’s ideas. She made a lot of decisions and directly let Chen Boqian take charge of the design of the entire show.

After the meeting, Johnston asked why the Qin also accused Chen Po Qian, Qin also felt Chen Po is one thousand Lu quasi sent stare their eyeliner, let her keep a certain degree of preparedness, two people quarrel, Qin not happily leave. In the evening, Yi En came to Qin’s office and found that Qin also made their group photo into a computer wallpaper. Recalling that Qin also cares about himself in the weekdays, Yi En is very clear about his feelings. He also called Qin and no one answered. . Sun Peter and Mo Xu soon knew the news of Qin and Chen Boqian, and they could see that the team of Yi En was not united, just in the middle of them.

Since Yi En handed over the activities of the show to Chen Boqian, his colleagues began to have a conflicting heart. They clearly did not cooperate in the dark. Chen Boqian wanted to know the reasons why everyone did not cooperate. Colleagues said that the company has been here for so many years. Now relying on Qin’s credit, now I can’t let the young man who just came to replace it.

After Sun Peter and Moxu played the ball with Lu Zhu during the day, they really wanted to tie up such a privilege. They also asked Lu to drink at night. Lu Jun did not give them a good face. He said that there is no eternal enemy or no friends forever in the business field. Sun Peter shamelessly said that he saw only money in his eyes, whoever blocked his financial path, and who he is an enemy.

Several people were chatting and suddenly heard someone telling Sun Peter that Qin was outside. Holding the heart of watching the fun, Sun Peter took the people outside to play outside, Qin also had a big drink, he stood in the middle of the dance floor, jumping non-stop. Sun Peter quickly patted his stunned video. After Qin saw the acquiescence, the two men began to fight, and Sun Peter slammed the video of their beating.

Lu Zhun gave Qin a bottle of water and let him drink the water and go home quickly. When Yi En heard the news that Qin was also out of order, she rushed to the pub. She wanted to bring the drunk Qin back home. Qin also asked why she had to listen to her. What relationship did they have over the years? Five years ago, she knew that there was only Ye Qilei in her eyes. Now that person is gone, she still says about him. Hearing that Yi En is still saying that they are good friends, Qin is almost going to collapse. He growled and said that he wants to resign, and he will not go to work tomorrow.

After Lu Qin saw that Qin also left, Yi En was very sad. He asked Yien that he never loved Qin. Why did he shed so many tears? Yien replied that he has always been passively accepted and never refused. So, let Qin also fall into the boundless desperation. Sun Peter shamelessly photographed the whole process of the quarrels of the three of them, and passed them to the circle of the staff of Koris.

Soon, the employees of Goliss blasted the pot, and Qin did not come to work the next day.

Just as Sun Peter was smugly watching the video in the office, Qin also came to their company to ask for a jump to come to work here. He also brought Chen Boqian to the design of Goris, and Sun Peter promised him to come to his company. Going to work, Moxu felt that Qin and Yien had been in contact for so long, and it was impossible to die to death and go to work there.

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