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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 14 Recap

He Xiaoqing made an appointment for Dongxin to wait for admission at the entrance of the concert hall. Bi Xiwen also came. After seeing Bi Xiwen, Dong Xin wanted to leave, but he was pulled into his arms. In the days when Dongxin left, Bi Xiwen thought a lot about the past, present and future. He found that he had been enjoying Dongxin’s gentleness without knowing it. He realized that it was his emotional retreat, avoidance and cowardice that pushed the relationship between them to the brink of breaking up step by step.

He wanted to seize this opportunity and never let it go. Dongxin expressed understanding of Bi Xiwen, but she also had her own ideas. She didn’t want to stop emotionally, and after speaking, she turned and left, leaving the frustrated Bi Xiwen stupidly standing in place. At that moment, the tears of both of them were hanging on their faces, but they were actually flowing in their hearts.

He Xiaoqing asked Bi Zhanlang what happened between Dongxin and Bi Xiwen to cause such a stalemate. In fact, it was the accumulation of daily quarrels that led them to break up step by step. He Xiaoqing wanted to help them get back together. They secretly changed Dongxin’s repertoire. When Dongxin found out, she was very determined, and she would rather not participate if she didn’t change back. Dongfang Yu cried to Dongxin with tears and nose. Dongxin saw through his little trick and had to send a message to ask Bi Zhanlang for help.

He Xiaoqing asked Bi Zhanlang to do work for Bi Xiwen, and rushed to the rescue by herself, and deliberately invited Dongxin to the piano room. Dongxin saw Bi Xiwen playing the piano. When Dongxin was moved, Bi Xiwen came and held her hand, saying that he would take care of Dongxin’s feelings in the future. Although Dongxin loves Bi Xiwen, she doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. Before leaving, Dongxin asked Xu Yao to cancel her repertoire at the concert.

Bi Zhanlang advised Bi Xiwen not to give up. Bi Xiwen thinks that Dongxin has given up this relationship. He respects Dongxin’s choice and hopes that Bi Zhanlang will stop messing around. Bi Zhanlang was very angry at Bi Xiwen’s avoidance and cowardice.

Bi Zhanlang meets A Xu at an izakaya. Axu gave Bi Zhanlang the selected clothes for the emcee, and asked him to be the emcee. A Xu admits that he likes He Xiaoqing, but he hopes that his old friends can be happy. Bi Zhanlang refused to let A Xu call He Xiaoqing Niuniu before he left, and he could only be called by him in the future.

Bi Zhanlang bought new ceremonial clothes for He Xiaoqing. He Xiaoqing realized that Bi Zhanlang turned out to be a male emcee just before the opening. Axu’s excuse that he was not feeling well was actually for the sake of Bi Zhanlang. He came quietly to the concert and watched them from the corner. Unexpectedly, the first show turned out to be an ensemble of Bi Xiwen and Dong Xin.

Watching Bi Xiwen playing on stage, Dong Xin, who was sitting in the audience, finally stepped onto the stage after some ideological struggle, sat down beside Bi Xiwen, and began the ensemble of the two. What they played together was the piece in the fairy tale book, which belonged to both of them. Bi Xiwen looked at his lover affectionately, extremely happy.

After the performance, Bi Xiwen caught up with Dongxin and apologized to her. He decided to temporarily put aside the Bi family’s family business, give Dongxin unique love and tenderness, and go to Vienna with her to pursue their dreams. I hope Dongxin will give him a chance. Dongxin was deeply moved. She didn’t expect Bi Xiwen to give up so much for her. She nodded and agreed. Bi Xiwen held this lost love tightly in his arms.

Bi Xiwen takes Dongxin home and officially introduces Dongxin to his second uncle and aunt as his girlfriend who has been in love for many years. Bi Xiwen and Dongxin went to Vienna together with the consent of the second uncle and second aunt.

Seeing that Bi Xiwen was so good, Ye Zi was still worried about love. She even dared not confess her love to Dongfang. He Xiaoqing encouraged her not to make herself regret, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, she should fight for it. Ye Zi seemed to be encouraged.

Ye Zi offered a letter to Dongfang Yu at school to express his wishes. Dongfang Yu generously thanked her for her love. Caiyin and Qiao Lingling saw the intimate scene of He Xiaoqing and Bi Zhanlang together. Caiyin wants to provoke again, but Qiao Lingling no longer recognizes her as a friend.

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