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Change the old floor to new rubber tiles easy and beautiful

Rubber tile is another type of flooring material. Which is more convenient and faster than other materials. That is equally strong if you want to bring rubber tiles to pave the floor just choose the type style and fit. At present, there are many types of rubber tiles to choose from according to preferences such as square plates. It is a commonly used style and dimensions are 6 x 6 inches, 9 x 9 inches and 12 x 12 inches with 3-4 mm thick. There are many colors, colors patterns, imitation of natural colors, granite pattern to choose with both smooth and exposed skin. If you want to look natural that will be as various natural wood grain with the width x length x thickness varies according to type and brand products and came out with dozens of designs. The most characteristic of rubber tiles is moisture protection with long years long.

If you want to buy rubber tile that should be chosen from interior design. On what kind of style do you want the room to be? Because the floor is the part that clearly highlights style of the room. Therefore you should consult the seller or try to place the pattern before or see the sample that shown in sample room with a lot of space. Do not use large amounts of rubber tile because that will wage a lot of money. You should calculate it and should be about 5-10% for the remaining cuts, debris and crabs after repairs that will fix for one room.

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