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One Boat One World (2021) 海洋之城

One Boat One World
Other Title: 海洋之城 / Hai Yang Zhi Cheng

Genres: Sea, workplace, life, drama
China Mainland
Chen Gun Hui (陈昆晖)
Mango TV
Release Date:
March 23, 2021
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  • Zhang Han as Ding Kai
  • Wang Li Kun as Tian Yue
  • Zhang Ya Mei as Chen Anni
  • Guo Zi Qian as He Cai
  • Wang Guan Yi as Wang Ziyang
  • Chen Sai Sai as Xiao Kui
  • Wang Yong Feng as Wang Xiaoshan

Set on a cruise ship, it tells the story of chief officer Ding Kai and tour guide, Tian Yue.

The super-cruise carrying more than 6,000 tourists and staff is a walking global village and a small society. The tourists are surrounded by the world, the joys and sorrows of the world, and the struggle and love of young people are all presented in the same boat. Chinese voyage officer Ding Kai and rookie leader Tian Yue, met on this multicultural dream ship, in the collision with passengers, colleagues, relatives such as Xiaokui, Wang Yang, Chen Anni, Mayfair, captain and ship doctor After years of twists and turns, witnessed the growth of each other and the beautiful love. And they witnessed, there are love and dreams among all kinds of people, tears and laughter, the legend of the sea and the sky, not only the cruise life, but also every life in progress.

Episodes Lists:

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