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Kyushu Chapter 3.10

Guimu turned his head and looked at his brother.

The torch was flanked by Xu Dahan’s sharp face, and the light and dark were staggered. His tall nose cast a shadow, one eye was hidden in the shadow, and the other was cold and expressionless.

Across the hundred steps, the two teams confronted each other, and the horses jumped uneasily. The cavalry struggled to restrain their mounts, and hundreds of torches illuminate the night. Under the red dragon tooth, Xu Dahan stands across the horse. Everyone’s eyes were focused on him, but he just touched the stables quietly, and the slinged sword slid quietly across the saddle.

Guimu holds the knife and follows the brother. He hasn’t been in the middle of his body, he is so nervous that his face is pale, his forehead is exposed, and he jumps suddenly.

“Brother, don’t… don’t know to my father, this thing… This is not a trivial matter.” Guimu forced his dark horse and lowered his voice.

“I have come here, can you still walk away?”

“But I… I still think…” Guimu bowed his head.

A slap fell on the face of the precious wood, and a clean and slamming sound. Guimu squinted, just about to get angry, but he was on the look of his brother.

“Waste!” Xu Dahan grabbed his collar. “What have I taught you? Have you forgotten it? What do you think? You think? You are a white-headed antelope that you don’t know, and you are killed by others.” I don’t know how to escape!”

Guimu feels cold in his heart, do not know if it is more air-cooled, or because of his brother’s eyes.

“You said it well, I have known for a long time that the Kings of Khan will fight for their brothers for our brothers? No! We are just saddles, people are riding us, riding is broken, useless, If you go to Donglu, it is us. No one in Beicheng can remember us, just wait to die in Donglu!” Xu Dahan broke him. “See today’s Kings. They don’t have a face? They are going to change their saddles! It’s better to rely on others than to rely on others. They regard us as outsiders in the Qingyang Department. They can fight back to face only by ourselves! How many people are waiting to see us in this northern capital city? Brother’s jokes, but our brothers have no jokes to see, no one in the world can see my Judahan jokes! I will eventually call those who laugh at me, all of them bowing under my whip!”

“Yes!” Guimu nodded hard.

“You are my brother,” Xu Dahan put a whole collar for him and patted him on the shoulder. “The whole city of Beidu, I can only believe you! I can believe you, isn’t it?”

“Brother, I…”

“Don’t say anything, I know.” Xu Dahan turned back and his voice was cold like ice, hard like a stone. “How do I say it after a while. We are brothers, grandma alone.” The milk is feeding us two people, we have to fight for the grandmother.”

“Yeah!” Guimu nodded hard, and his heart seemed to have a fire.

From small to large, in the heart of Guimu, Xu Dahan is someone who can’t be replaced.

Because the grandmother is in the north of the country, both people are discriminated against. When I was a child, I was weak. If I practiced a knife, I wouldn’t be punished. I would punish for no reason. If I don’t eat on time, I still have to punish. When I go to the heads of various families, I will be able to throw cold eyes in the golden slaves. The top of the wood. He is the youngest and most flamboyant. When he can’t bear it, he will violently destroy everything and scream at everyone around him. At this time, the guards of the Golden Palace will rush to catch him, not to give him food, and punish him in the sun. It is not awkward for Guimu to bite his lips. Even though his stomach hurts like a knife, his lips are cracked. He just doesn’t understand why he is the father’s son. Some people are expensive, some are bloody, some people drink sheep soup and blame others. Some people will be hungry and be scolded by others. That kind of painful feeling of heart attack, until now he still remembers clearly. At this time, Xu Dahan came over and bowed beside him. Xu Dahan was a good prince. He was not picky, not angry, never irritated, but Xu Dahan was kneeling beside him, silently pulling his sleeves. . Finally, Guimu and his men went down together. The people in the Golden Palace looked at them both coldly. The sky was so dark. Xu Dahan silently looked at the front and the stars rose above his head.

Xu Dahan finally took out a cold cockroach from the sleeve and handed it to Guimu. The wood rushed over and the tears suddenly fell. And Xu Dahan still looked at the front silently, without saying a word.

“Why are you good to me?” asked him with tears in his face.

“We are squatting now, and we will stand up one day,” Xu Dahan said softly. “And… I am your brother!”

From that night, Guimu always believed that this brother would eventually take him to stand up as he said when he was a child.

The opposite side of the battle flashed a gap, than the Mogan sword, jumped onto the snowy horseback, a few sly slaves with a leather shield covering him, and the rest were also helmeted armor, Hold high on the torch and constrain the restless horses.

“Xu Dahan, you have a white blood, do you want to frame your brother?” Bimogan pointed to Xu Dahan, a dragon tooth.

As opposed to the blade, the front line is a pattern that is instantaneous. Compared with the Momo, there are only three or four hundred people accompanying the family slave. Xu Dahan is carrying the “Dragon tooth light hoof” that he trained in one hand. The light ride of more than 100 people is not enough to threaten Mogan, but also Mogan. Not too hearty. But this special opportunity, the well-trained light cavalry then took the opportunity to launch, it is not his family slaves can be compared.

“Why did Big Brother say this?” Xu Dahan’s voice was cold and undulating. “Azul disappeared. In the northern capital city, everyone is suspect. The nine kings have led the soldiers to search my tent. I am a prince. I am responsible for the safety of Beidu. I just want to see your tent. You are blocking the enemy by your cavalry. Is there something ulterior in the tent?”

“Xu Dahan, do you want to humiliate me? You can search, you can! You let the nine kings come, let Mu Haiyang come, but your brothers can’t!”

“Since it is not what you do, what can’t be searched? I can’t find it. Most of the time I pleaded guilty in front of my father. If the big brother wants to search my tent, I will open the door of the stockade, and the big brother will search. Big brother is not allowed to search now. Do you want to remove something?”

“I said, I am not afraid of search, but the mean hybrid of the blood of the North can not!” Bimogan was irritated. “A sergeant slave can also search, you are Xu Dahan, do not want to step into my place in this life! ”

“Since Big Brother looks down on me,” Xu Dahan whispered, suddenly picking up the handle on the saddle and slashing the double-edged sword. “Then don’t blame me for the big brother’s face!”

He suddenly raised his sword and screamed: “Kill it up, give me a fight! Rebel, kill!”

Guimu stayed a bit. They murdered, just want to search for Mogan’s stockade, but did not expect that there would be conflict. When the command of “killing” was heard, the cavalry of the dragon’s light hooves also stunned.

“Kill!” Xu Dahan looked unchanged and held his sword high.

He drove the horses and rushed straight out. Guimu bit his teeth, pressed all the hesitation, and violently pulled out the waist knife, shouted: “kill!”

The cavalry of the dragon’s light hooves pulled out their waist knives together, and the horses smashed and rushed over.

“I… what do we do?” Iron changed his face.

Bimogan’s face was slightly distorted, and he also pulled out the sword: “Mixed! Has it killed our plans? If you grab an opportunity, you can’t help it. After all, I still look down on the snake in this grass!”

He held up the sword and screamed: “Up! Give people a step on the head, can you hold back?”

The bloody bravery of the samurai was provoked, and the shame of being attacked by the unprovoked anger of the slaves, their faces had already risen red, and the hands holding the swords were hot and hot.

“Kill!” Everyone held a knife and violently.

The scribes hiding in the tent smacked the curtain slightly, watching the two torches waving in the distance, hundreds of bright lights shining in the night sky, the sound of shouting and screaming, and the whistling of feather arrows, The sorrows, the screams of the horses, and the two torches rushed to one place, like the wild black land. There was a huge flashing behemoth dancing. The fierce fight is seen in the distance, but there is a different kind of beauty.

“It’s a mess!” He lowered the curtain and sighed low, sitting cross-legged and lifting the can to his mouth.

The long knife slammed into the face of a person, the scarlet blood spewed out with the knife, splashing the wood. He opened the horse and kicked the body down the horse.

He screamed, his face covered with blood and looking for the next enemy. In front of hundreds of people in the scene of the melee, the eyes of all the slaves and the light rides, the heat from the horse’s nostrils mixed together, with a strange hot and humid night in the dry and cold night, mixed with rich Bloody gas.

Behind him, there was a hoof of horseshoes approaching, and the wooden waist knife turned into a backhand, and he turned back and slashed out. His teacher is a wooden plow, and the knife has accumulated a weird killing on the battlefield. The wooden plow supports Bimo, but it is not on the knife to hide the private wood. This knife “back spine” according to him said that he never lost his hand on the battlefield.

The hand slammed into the vibration, and the wood was shocked. The knife was actually caught. The scratching of the metal shrilled, indicating that the opponent’s knife was also cut back by his own blade.

“Go to death!” Guimu was angry.

He tried his best and the long knife slammed the opponent’s knife. The war horse couldn’t turn around, but he twisted his waist and turned it over on the horse’s back. The long knife slashed with a rotating waist. This is the most powerful type of “Wolf-Front” in the wood coulter. When the knife is rotated around the neck to send this knife, the strength of the knife can be made violent without the help of the horse’s momentum.

The long knife swayed with a screaming scream, and the angle and speed were completely beyond the expectations of the opponent. In a hurry, he can only be hardened with a knife. The two knives met, but there was no loud noise from the general gold and iron. There was only a low “squeaky” sound, and the opponent’s sabre was divided into two sections.

Next to the flash of fire, Guimu saw that it was the murder of himself. A desperate killing and agility rose from the chest and abdomen. He did not take the knife and tried again. The long knife screamed at the neck of Bi Mogan.

A fast horse rushed from the slanting thorns, and Banzazhe’s long iron knives swayed from the bottom up and held the knife of the precious wood. On the side of the knives on the side of the knives, the blade of the other side slipped, and it was still cut out flat. It was bent over the horse on the back of the millennium. The long knife cut off his hair and the blade. The whistle is like a ghost crying. The snowballs under his arm slammed hard, the front hooves bounced, and fell to the ground obliquely. In the messy fire, the blood on the snowy neck had been cut by the precious wood, and the spattering horse blood was splashed. Mogan looked at him.

“Your BMW, your BMW,” Guimu’s smile is full of madness. “I am killing it now. What do you compare with me?”

“Mixed! I can’t spare you today!” Bimo was also bloody in both eyes, and his voice was violent.

“See if you have a life to say!”

The blood of the extremely famous horse made the heart of Guimu hot, and the BMW given by his father had been killed by him. His heart seemed to have a gate open, and he no longer had to worry about anything. He yanked the horse, and took a step forward.

“The big prince!” Banzhali saw the look of Guimu.

With his voice, the “wolf-cutting knife”‘s low whistling again slammed down, and Guimu did his best to slash. Bazaar’s long knife was sealed, and the blade touched. The force of the savage rushed, and the long knife trembled. The whistling sound of the feather arrow sounded behind the wood, and there was a sting on his shoulder. The arrow had already penetrated the musculature. A few dozen steps out of the iron of the arrow shouted loudly: “Big brother is going!”

Bimogan was so stiff as the wind demon, and he couldn’t move. The look of Guimu became more and more embarrassing, and he did not pull out his arrows. He just bit his teeth and laughed, and there was a demon-like laugh in his throat. The knife was slightly recovered, and he slammed down again. Ban Zali ran out of desperation and sealed his arm under the blade.

Xu Dahan pulled out his own double-edged sword from the heart of a slave, looked up, and in front of the fire, the knife of the wood fell, and the arm of Mogan’s companion flew out, taking it in the air. The blood flower draws an amazing arc, which is trampled in the chaotic horse. Bimogan’s house slaves rushed to grab the two men’s retreats, and there were arrows on the shoulders of Guimu, screaming and slashing with the sprinters.

Xu Dahan breathes the thick bloody smell. The dark eyes are like the color of the night. On the battlefield where everyone beats blood, they are like a leopard.

“Three princes!” A light rider full of face is bloody horses, “can not kill again! Really hurt a few princes, the monarch blame, how can not escape the punishment.”

Xu Dahan turned to look at him coldly.

The light ride was stunned by his eyes without feelings. Xu Dahan held up the sword, and the blood on the silver-like sword was hung with a cold flash.

“Give me all the time! Resist the slain!” He snarled at the warriors who guarded his own.

“I was born in Pasul’s house. Do you want to turn back?” Xu Dahan said to himself in his heart.

The two sides have already lost many people under the knife. The iron was rubbed against the blood on his face, and the hand holding the bow shivered slightly. The number of their slaves is still dominant, but the fierceness and agility of the Qingqi have the upper hand, and their own side is completely oppressed. Behind it is the stockade of Mogan, the retreat is not open, and the red-eyed precious wood is forced to retreat. It’s too late.

“You!” He pulled a house slave next to him. “Go out! Go to the Jiuwangye’s stockade and send a letter, let the nine kings bring the tiger’s leopard to ride over! Just say no more, don’t want to see the big prince again!”

The slave was in charge, and he was about to retreat, but the iron was pulling him again.

“Wait!” Iron looked at the west by crossing the heads of everyone.

The slaves followed him and saw that there was something faint in the darkness. He listened carefully to the ear and surprised him: “Is it that the nine princes have got the news and arrived?”

The sound coming from the darkness was the hoof of the cavalry, and gradually led the torches into the eyes, vaguely a team of black armor. In the northern capital city, there is only one big wooden account of Mu Haiyang and the nine king’s tiger and leopard riding. The windy account is still gray and gray. Only the elite of the tiger and leopard is the black armor.

“It’s really a tiger leopard ride!” Iron was overjoyed, “Saved! Saved!”

As the cavalry approached, the wind rushed over, like a blade on the face. The cavalry of the soap-clothing armor turned out to be as many as a thousand people. It is the most terrible male soldier in the Qingyang Department. No one has made a sound, and the ears are full of horseshoes hitting the ground. Xu Dahan sank in his heart and turned the horse to meet with the small team. Guimu still had a hard attack with most cavalry.

“A rocket! A rocket!” Iron is a big man, “Tell the nine kings we are here!”

The three rockets vacated and the cavalry on the opposite side seemed to see it. The forwards come together to form a formation of assault.

“Is it really the nine kings?” Bimogan also stepped back from the front and gasped.

“Who can it be?” Iron pointed to the front, looking far away, a small team of cavalry brought by Xu Dahan did not even have the opportunity to stop talking, was swallowed up by the cavalry of the brigade, and then they came straight.

“That’s our turn counterattack!” Bimo snorted. “Is there anything left to be afraid of death? Come with me! All of them are stuck, one is not allowed to let go!”

The morale of the slaves was launched, the slaves screamed and screamed, and the squads of dozens of people on both wings stood out. The hard-boiled advantage of the number of people bent out a half-moon that surrounded the enemy. In a short moment, the cavalry of the escort was already close, and it slammed into the light ride under the kiln. Bimogan also rushed in front of the team slaves.

The tiger and leopard ride is not comparable to the average warrior. It is better than Mogan to see the strength of this strong soldier. The heavy-duty warriors do not need to rely on the torch at all. In the dark, they quickly flash the horse, agilely and forcefully hit the helmet of the light ride with the handle, or hit the horse’s leg with the back of the knife. It’s just a matter of moments, and the mighty sneakers will fail.

A warrior approached him in the darkness, and the black robes were heavy, and the iron curtains made of iron rings on his face seemed to be the leading figures.

“You are very good!” Bimogan took the knife. “What is your name?”

He did not hear any answer. The Wuhuan warrior did not mean to stop the horse. It slammed up and the epee in his hand was raised. When he was too late to resist it, he was attacked by the other side with a sword. The helmet flew out and accompanied. Spilled with blood on his mouth, planted from the horse’s back.

“Is it crazy?” Iron was drunk. “This is the big prince!”

The other party did not hear it at all, and the war horse rushed straight toward Bimo. Behind him, more heavy cavalry also turned to the slaves after defeating the light ride. In the twinkling of an eye, it was the turn of Momogan to face such terrible pressure.

Bimo couldn’t think about it anymore, slashing his knife and trying to intercept the cavalry leader himself. Bimogan’s knife is strong, but the opponent’s epee is not inferior. Each strike has the power of overbearing power, not with a blade, but with the sword, the waist knife is almost free.

Almost at the same time, the noble wood with the last team lightly riding the dead battle was also shocked by a sly cavalry in front of the black horse. The man retired everyone around him and blocked him in front of Lu He. He was not tall, but he was full of leopard-like agility. He did not raise the torch and blocked the way of Guimu.

“Nine kings?” Guimu has completely ignored life and death, and he wiped the blood on his face.

“Give me death!” He growled and took the horse to the knife.

The other party also took the horse straight into the same moment. At the moment when the two horses were interlaced, Guimu screamed, accompanied by horsepower, and the whole body was twisted. “Turning the wolf front” was slashed out without reservation. In the darkness, he couldn’t see anything. He only felt that his hand was light, his neck was slightly cold, his opponent had already flashed his horse, and he stood quietly behind him.

Guimu shuddered and raised his knife. There was only half of the long knife in his hand, and there was a blank in his mind. The opponent immediately stood behind him, and the long knife was slanted on his back neck.

“Wood… General Plough!” He rolled down and squatted down.

The person who can break his wolf-edge knife on the grassland will not have a second person. He woke up in a flash, the fight was the wolf front against the wolf front, all of them are full of strength, who is weak, who is the knife, will be broken. This person can only be his teacher.

The wooden plow sat quietly on the battlefield, and the sabre “斩锋” was on the side of the horse with a cold face.

The sound on the battlefield is getting lower and lower, and only the precious wood is still in the moment of the dead battle. It is more uneasy than Mogan, and wants to leave. In fear, he slammed the knife, and the blade provoked it. He tried to get the man’s sword on his shoulder, and he also stabbed him with a knife. This type of knives is sullen, and it will be successful in the eyes. The side is rushing over to a person, shoulders hitting Bimogan, and planted a horse with him.

Bimogan struggled to get up and found that the person who hit him turned out to be the younger brother.

“Do you also rebel me?”

“No…not…” The iron pointed to the cavalry by twitching. “That is…”

The surrounding iron cavalry held a torch around the man. The opponent placed the epee in his hand on the saddle and slowly picked up the iron curtain woven by the thin iron ring. His nephew was cold, and the white scorpion in his eyes took the arrogant domineering and bleak, and saw the moment of his face, and the surrounding area was silent, as if all the ice had condensed.

“Father… Father!” Bimo was cold in his heart, sighed long and left the sword.

The hooves came from behind, and the two horses were surrounded by the majesty, each throwing a man from the horse. The nine kings dropped Xu Dahan, and the wooden plow dropped the precious wood. The princes were there, and the torch was burning.

“I really want to kill you!” Dajun bit his teeth and looked up at the sky.

Anyone can hear the hatred of his heart, and the wooden plow took a step forward, fearing that he would kill the princes in anger. But the monarch did not say anything more. He just looked at the sky like a sculpture.

“But can I kill you?” he said softly. “Your brother is dead or alive. I don’t know. If you kill you again, I will have no son…”

“Bet away!” He waved his hand.

“Father! I still have something to say!” Xu Dahan was screamed by the tiger leopard and still shouted.

“What else to say?”

“We don’t just suspect that the big brother is really receiving the news of the scouts, saying that the older brother hid the secrets of Donglu in his tent! Azul suddenly disappeared. Can’t it be done by outsiders? Fathers only have to check Big Brother’s tent will understand!”

“Oh?” Dajun looked down at him. “So you took the soldiers late tonight to fight your brother’s stockade?”


The monarch was silent for a moment and nodded: “Good! I will search for the tent than Mogan. If there is someone, I will be more guilty than Mogan, but if there is no suspicious person, I will drive you out of the capital city, never again. Come back. Xu Dahan, do you have this courage?”

“The son is willing to be punished!”

Xu Dahan was awkward, and the face of the iron was white.

Dajun waved his hand: “Wood plow, give me a look at every tent and every inch of the place!”

The tiger leopard ride broke through the gate of the stockade and rushed into the tent of Bimogan. Numerous torches illuminate the grasslands, the fire is messy, the figures are moving, the women are crying and dodging, and some people step on the brazier.

Bimogan looked back far away, remembering that when he and the army of the Nine Kings smashed the real face, they also rushed into the tents of women and children. Everything between heaven and earth suddenly became so ridiculous, and the heavens and the earth hung like hell.

Xu Dahan around him is looking back, but there is a cold smile on his lips.

“Xu Dahan, you look really confident.” Dajun whispered.

“The scouts arranged by the son will not go wrong.”

Dajun suddenly laughed, and everyone looked at him with a stunned look.

“Xu Dahan my son, you are smart, too smart. But you don’t know what your father is thinking, how is your brother hiding Donglu people? Is this time, you still don’t? Forget to harm your brothers?”

Xu Dahan was stunned, his heart was blank, and he looked at the father of the chaotic figure in the stone. A glimpse of white hair flowed out of the gap of the iron helmet of Maharaja, floating in the chaotic wind, and there was a kind of loneliness and desolateness.

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