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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 11 Recap

Although He Xiaoqing ate with A Xu, she still missed Bi Zhanlang in her heart. A Xu promised to help Bi Zhanlang pack some food for a while, and He Xiaoqing was relieved. During the meal, He Xiaoqing remembered a little boy who ate at her house when he was a child. A Xu was not sure if the little boy was himself when he was a child.

After eating, He Xiaoqing fell asleep in the car particularly tired. Axu didn’t want to wake her up, so he went to the hospital to deliver food to Bi Zhanlang. What Bi Zhanlang saw was not that He Xiaoqing was very disappointed. He Xiaoqing who was awake at this time rushed over. A Xu had to go down and wait.

Qiao Lingling came to the office in a low mood to talk to Li Simu, and asked him what he should do if he likes a person. Li Simu hoped that she could consider the problem from the other side’s standpoint. Qiao Lingling sighed that she couldn’t see her heart clearly. She didn’t know if she really liked Bi Zhanlang or did not want to give up. Qiao Junhui called Li Simu to follow up on Xu Yanming’s plan.

Li Simu followed Qiao Junhui’s instructions to meet with A Xu. The heroine who asked A Xu to shoot the next MV was played by Qiao Lingling. A Xu had expected this decision a long time ago, although he was a little disgusted, but he could only obey the arrangement.

In the next time, He Xiaoqing will take care of Bi Zhanlang as long as she has time. Bi Zhanlang quietly prepared a surprise for He Xiaoqing. He bought a lot of stationery and toys for the children, arranged for Dongfang Yu to pack them up, and deliver them to the children in the orphanage tomorrow morning. Early in the morning, Bi Zhanlang called He Xiaoqing and asked her to visit the children in the orphanage. I hope to surprise her by then.

When He Xiaoqing went to the orphanage and saw Bi Zhanlang bought so many things for her children, she was very moved. She also learned from the children in the orphanage that Bi Zhanlang used to come here often and brought a lot of help to the children. He Xiaoqing was surprised.

Xia Youyou also came to the orphanage, and now she has quit her job in the bar, and Xu Yanming is also officially working in Qiao’s. They have reconciled as before. She is very grateful to He Xiaoqing’s kindness for warming them, and He Xiaoqing is really happy for them.

Dongfang Yu called and told Bi Zhanlang that He Xiaoqing was not particularly moved when she saw everything she did. When he was losing, He Xiaoqing sent a message telling him that the probation period passed and that he could be corrected. Bi Zhanlang was very excited when he heard the news.

Bi Zhanlang was discharged home from the hospital, his face was filled with happiness. Bi Xiwen saw through what he was talking about with He Xiaoqing.

He Xiaoqing came to apply for the actor recruitment of the MV, but the interview was successful. She asked Bi Zhanlang to go to the studio to be her assistant when he arrived. Bi Zhanlang is very happy, thinking that this can still supervise A Xu.

Unconsciously, a summer vacation has passed, and everyone is back on campus. They came to Dongxin’s dessert shop together after school. Dongxin is very happy to see them together. While Bi Zhanlang was out shopping, the friends in the dessert shop were all talking about why Bi Zhanlang was so good with the same surname, but Bi Xiwen was so excessive. They are all embarrassed for Dongxin. Even after breaking up, Dongxin doesn’t want to hear others say bad things about Bi Xiwen.

All this was heard by Bi Xiwen outside the door. He stopped, turned and left, and was seen by Bi Zhanlang who came back from shopping. Hearing Bi Zhanlang said that he seemed to have seen Bi Xiwen, Dong Xin quickly looked out with longing eyes. But it has long since disappeared. Bi Xiwen still occupies a very important position in her heart.

Since Bi Zhanlang formally associated with He Xiaoqing, he feels that he has changed a lot. He paid attention to the details of life that had been neglected, and everything became alive.

At the beginning of the MV shooting, He Xiaoqing did not expect Bi Zhanlang to be the leading actor. Seeing that the heroine was Qiao Lingling and Bi Zhanlang was a little reluctant, but he still followed He Xiaoqing’s suggestion and cooperated with Qiao Lingling. Because of Bi Zhanlang’s inner rejection, his feelings are always not in place, and he has been unable to achieve satisfactory shooting results. The director asked for a replacement, and Bi Zhanlang offered to try He Xiaoqing as the heroine.

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