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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 九州斛珠夫人 (斛珠夫人) Introduction

“Mrs. Zhuzhu” is the first novel in the “Kyushu” series depicting the Dai people. It tells the story of the Dazheng Dynasty and the harem on the mainland of Kyushu, between the three emperors, Fang Zhu and Haicheng. Complicated power struggles, a strong responsibility to protect peace, and a tangled but touching love between the three. As the rebellion of the dynasty revived, the maritime market bravely chose to shoulder the responsibility of guarding the peace of the Dazheng, and finally faced the feelings of Emperor Xu and Fang Zhu.

“Kyushu·Zhuzhu Lady” will be the main creation of the thick sea culture team that has successfully participated in the planning and production of “Tomb Notes”, “Extreme Challenge”, “High Energy Youth League” and other popular works. The position of “Kyushu·Zhuzhu Lady” is based on the script. It is currently recognized by the industry as one of the best-looking costume dramas of the year. When it came to filming a film and television drama, it caused a lot of heated discussion. When it was suspected that Wu Xuanyi would partner with Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming and other big coffee, it caused quite a lot of sensation.

The appearance of Yang Mi’s exposure this time is very pleasant, more attractive than the previous one, and the red dress looks like a fairy. The red clothes set off her white face, and the drama can once again bring the ratings to another peak, we will wait and see!

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