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Kyushu Chapter 2.3

The setting sun is red, hanging in the sky in the west, and the pillars and pillars of smoke in front of the tents in the northern city are scattered directly into the sky.

Amo licked the blood on his hand and rubbed his sleeves to wipe the sweat on his face. He followed the female slaves in the tent of Mrs. Ying’s tent and peeled off the afternoon’s drought, and the skin was covered with lime and filled with hay. Dry, stuffed like a little fat bear, the red and white marmots in the copper basin are cut and marinated one by one, and there is a good meat at night.

Although it is summer, it is not the most plump autumn of the drought, but this is the most fat thing on the grassland. It is not comparable to venison and mutton. It has a delicate fat smell when baked, and it is oily when it is bitten. The prince’s hunting team surrounded a dirt mountain filled with a drought-stricken cave, and received more than 100 drought-stricken sampans. The squad was sent to give the wife of the British wife. Mrs. Muli, the husband of Mrs. Ying’s husband, is a big man in the eldest son’s shack. This is something that everyone knows.

The old man and the wife of the Emperor looked at the fainted world, and Amo was all right. He helped the female slaves to strip the scorpion together. His ancestors were a hunter, and his father still often carries a curved bow with a set of horses to go hunting. When he is lucky, he can bring back a good yellow sheep with long legs and a long drought with a long fat. His father is happy. The earthworm sang a song with Amo, peeling and cutting meat. It was the most happiest time for Amo, smelling the smell of sheep dung in the fire, all warm.

Amo’s family is not a big aristocrat, and the big nobility will not send children to learn the stars. Although Dahesa is a distinguished person who makes ordinary people dare not look up, but I don’t know how many children who learn the stars will have the identity of inheriting Dahesa, and Dahesa who masters the will of the gods is not God, I don’t know how many generations of Dahesa were burned alive in the war. Choosing the wrong master, Hesa ​​is a witch. My father sent Amo to come to the Dahesa tent to study the astrology. When he left, he touched his son’s head hard. So far, Amo still thought about his father’s silence at that time. Some of the meanings are ashamed. And can’t say it.

“Small Hesa ​​is really good at peeling the scorpion.” The old female slave came over and handed a piece of cotton cloth.

Amo took a hand and rubbed his face. He often came to Mrs. Ying’s tent. The female slaves were very familiar with him. They knew that this young aristocratic child had no shelves and liked to talk to him.

Of course, the female slaves did not dare to call him a glasses dragon, and they all called him Xiao Hesa. Although Dahesa has never said who will inherit his position, it is well known that the old man likes to bring Amo. However, Amo 知道 knows that his calculation is not good. He just works hard, sometimes he can’t keep up with the speed taught by the old man. At this time, the old man holds a wine jar and sighs, saying that if he was so stupid when he was a child, he was already old. Sato is dead.

“How do you do the meat?” Amo took the cotton back.

“Most of the left is salted and dried, and the remaining half is roasted. Half of the meat is hand-picked. The lady said that she would stay in the tent to eat dinner and go back tonight.”

Amo smirked and smirked. The hand of Mrs. Ying’s tent was the most fragrant, and the old man and he liked it. The old man likes to take him to Mrs. Ying’s place to stroll here. More than half of it is to grab the meat and eat it. . The setting sun spread down, and a layer of deep crimson flowed through the grasslands in summer. The female slaves gathered together in threes and fives, whispering the songs that Amo敕 did not understand, and some were hanging. On the skin, some of the meat is being beaten, while others are holding a blower to ignite the sheep’s dung. There was a kind of lazy and rich joy in the heart, and Amo took a lazy look and turned around.

His heart suddenly sank and stared at the East. At the time of the sun, the Jinyun Mountain crosses the entire east. It is like a natural barrier separating the barbarian and the ancient city of Ningzhou. The pale gold side is set on the boundary between the mountain and the sky. . But the setting sun couldn’t hold back the stars, and the seven iron-blue stars rose from the mountains of Jinyun. Their light was cold and cold, like a new iron sword.

The Beichen cluster, like Amo’s own calculation, really rose from the mountains of Jinyun.

“Break the army, Wuqu, Lianzhen, Wenqu, Lu Cun, giant gate, greedy wolf…” Amo 敕 a few stars in a cluster of stars.

This is a rare astrology. This season, Beichen is usually sunk under the mountains of Jinyun. These seven stars are not one of the twelve main stars on the Scorpio. However, on the star maps of the past years, their brilliance once shined the entire night sky. Slowly moving from the east to the west through the sky, every such operation can last for decades. And with Beichen, most of them are rising wolves.

Beichen is the star of war gods.

“Little Hesa.” The old female slave asked carefully.

Amo returned to God: “Well.”

The old female slave squatted around, some secretive, but Amo 敕 noticed that the busy female slaves around them suddenly paused and turned their heads toward this side.

“Does Xiaohesa know the things of the world?” The old female slaves lowered their voices.

“What about the world?”

The old slave girl was hesitant and her lips moved for a long time: “I listen to others and say that the world is an ominous person.”


“Little Hesa, we don’t understand the will of the gods, you know, people really have a life star?”

Amo has indulged: “Star life is the most complicated thing in the astrology. I didn’t learn it so much. But Dahesa said that to calculate the fate of people, you need to calculate the trajectories of dozens of hundreds of stars, even then. Often, it is not accurate. The fate of a person is inferred by a single star… I don’t think so.”

“But they said…”

The face of the old female slave suddenly changed, and the cloth towel was stuffed back into the waist, and the copper pot with the meat was washed down. Amo looked up and saw Dahesa copying his hands in his sleeves and coming out of the tent with Mrs. Ying. The tent was given to the world, and Amo said that the world would not live in the tent of the side, but live with Mom.

“Dahe Sa eats something first,” Mrs. Ying’s look was a little melancholy. “The world will wake up.”

“Yeah.” The old man clasped his arms and nodded.

He used to look like this, and it is no different from the old herdsmen who put the sheep. They don’t talk about decent. However, Amo felt that he had something to eat, his eyes were low and absent-minded.

“Amo, eat the lady’s hand and grab the meat.” The old man came and patted Ama’s shoulder.

Amo slammed, and at the moment of turning around, I saw the busy female slaves turning around and looking at the backs of the three of them. He stumbled and felt that those eyes were so strange that they were not like the simple and kind women he knew. The old man noticed his distraction, and as he turned to look at it, the female slaves bowed their heads together to work, as if nothing had happened.

Amo’s heart suddenly fell heavy.

The fragrant scorpion meat is presented in a small copper basin, and the spicy aroma is heard from far away.

Amo licked his palm, his stomach screamed, and the old man slaps a slap on his head: “The starving devil, seeing what he eats, how to do Hesha in the future?”

Amo has no energy to manage this. Mrs. Incheon’s hand-clawed meat pad was on the black millet, red and white, with finely smeared pepper and large salt particles, and sprinkled with fragrant wild vegetables. A layer of scorpion oil is covered in black corn, and there is a scent of bacon. He grabbed it and put it in his mouth, almost biting his finger.

The old man grinned and looked at him, but he didn’t eat meat. He didn’t know when he filled the white copper wine jar, just watching the fire in the copper furnace. The general of the wooden plow did not return the meal, and only the lady of England was accompanied by a lambskin.

Amo ate a few mouthfuls, licking the oil in his hand, looking at Mrs. Ying, and looking at the old man.

“The wooden plow does not want to let the world live here.” Mrs. Ying rubbed the needle on the oil on her head and lowered her head to continue sewing.

“Because that ghost?” The old man asked in a sullen face.


“砰”, the old man slammed the wine jar on the small table. “What is the wooden plow itself? It was not a slave scorpion in the past? Thousands of people stepped on it, tens of thousands of people stepped on, and the life of a sheep could not be turned over! Even Ma Mao I can’t touch one, and I’m still fighting. Now that I am a nobleman, I have a soldier, and I have this shelf!”

The wooden plow is the barbarian name of General Liu Hai. He was a slave to the family of the big noble family. The great monarch Lu Wei took the daughter of the nest, extracted the wooden plow from the slave, and gave it to the Donglu surname. He named him Liu Hai, and now leads the entire tiger wing account of six or seven thousand cavalry. Amo knows that the old man and the wooden plow are very familiar, but he has never heard of him pulling out these old things.

Mrs. Ying’s sighed low, but the sewing did not look up. “Shizi is my birth, I can’t bear him. The Maharaja wants me to be the mother of the world, Mu Li does not dare to say anything. But even he thinks so, plus the following arguments, the world is always not good.”

“What kind of child? It is still a child! Wood plows this mind, is it the idea of ​​the eldest son to hang those people?”

“The big prince really doesn’t care about this. No one wants the world to inherit the position of the Maharaja. The big prince wants to fight, but also fights with the three princes. The wooden plow is not for the sake of the big prince.”

“The Great Prince! Three Princes!” The old man snorted in his nose and turned his head to speak.

The tent curtain was slammed open, and the slave came in and squatted: “Dahe Sa, Madam, the world is waking up!”

The old man jumped up, like a fire under his ass. Mrs. Ying’s wife also stepped out, and Amo’s love caught a piece of scorpion meat and caught up with the pace of the two.

In the tent of the world, he ordered an oil lamp. The Donglu doctor, who was sitting in front of the window with a wide robe, was holding the wrist of the child. I saw three people coming in and hurriedly reached out to stop. Dahesa and Mrs. Ying did not dare to speak out, standing quietly in the tent, watching the doctor hand over the veins and covering the world with a leather jacket. He lit up the light and signaled the three to go out with him. The old man clearly wanted to look at the past, but he was stopped by the doctor. Amo knows the identity of the doctor. It is a famous doctor in Donglu. The name is Lu Ziyu. Originally, he just traveled to pick herbs, but he was given gold, silver and fur by the monarch, and he was retained.

Amo looked at it from a distance, and the world lay quietly there, his eyes brightly looking at the top of the tent. When they came in, he turned his head and was silent.

At the moment when he was about to close the tent curtain, he suddenly heard a low voice: “Hesha…”

The old man got excited and grabbed the oil lamp in the doctor’s hand and ran over it. His eyes looked straight at the world and he was shocked by Amo.


“Suma is fine, Suma is fine.” The old man shook his hand. “You will see her tomorrow.”

The child nodded, his eyes closed weakly, and even the sound of breathing was gone.

“Azul! Azul!” The old man paused and shouted a little out of control.

Lu Ziyu went up and probed, pulling the old man’s clothes and pulling him up. The doctor is also famous for his violent temper. When he sees a doctor, the nobles and the monarchs have to wait outside the tent. One is no exception.

“Just just slept!” Lu Ziyu lowered his voice. “I just woke up and just woke up.”

Amo 敕 stood outside the tent, the moonlight passed through, and he went back to see the child’s dreamy face, thinking of the sly dumb girl, thinking that the child was only in the midst of extreme weakness in order to remember the little dumb. wake up.

Mrs. In, put the tent curtain down and isolated his view.

“What are you doing here?” The voice of the old man called back Amo’s mind.

In a blink of an eye, he saw several female slaves lying on the side of the tent to eavesdrop. They spread out like a frightened deer, and fled into the darkness far away. Amo was on fire and saw the old face of the old slave who looked back in the evening, with some mysterious expression.

“Mr. Lu, how is the child?” asked Mrs. Ying.

“There is no big deal, it is too tired on the way. And according to the doctor of the nine kings, the Shizi was rescued from the chaos. It seems to have been greatly frightened. He has eaten very little and slept less recently. I often wake up at nowhere in the night. With his body, of course, I can’t stand it. Now I’m sick and settled down. It’s a good thing for him.”

“The old disease of the world…”

“My heart is not sure, my teacher is not sure, I can’t do anything. The ancient scroll says that there is a technique of filling the heart in the world, you can open the chest to repair your heart. Eight years ago, my teacher returned to Donglu after seeing the doctor for the child. I have been studying the knowledge of the heart and the blood, and I am still dying to say that the technique of replenishing my heart may not reproduce the human world.” Lu Ziyu sighed. “Manpower is sometimes poor. My qualifications are not as good as teachers. It is not helpful to say more.” “”

He bowed slightly and bowed, not saying goodbye, so he took the medicine bag, and there was regret in the indifferent look.

The old man and Mrs. Ying looked at his back for a moment.

“I want to borrow my wife’s tent tonight, and see how the world is going in the morning.” The old man said.

“Hesha wants to live, I let the slaves clean a big tent.”

“Don’t bother, give me a jar of good spirits.” The old man touched his stomach. “I still have a handful of meat, and I am hungry.”

In the dead of night, Mrs. Ying’s wife also went back to sleep, leaving only Amo and Dahesa in the tent.

The old man sat on the ground with his legs crossed, and grabbed the meat with a sip of his mouth. He didn’t know how long he had eaten like this. He sang in his mouth the sings of the herdsmen on the grassland. It seemed to be a little drunk. Amo couldn’t sleep, just relying on the tent to think about it, thinking about the bright-eyed son, and thinking about the dumb girl, thinking of the rise of Beichen, and the lacquered scorpion that the monarch took over from the nine kings. Thinking about it, he arranged calculations on the ground and began to calculate the trajectory of Beichen, but the more chaotic, it seems that there is always something missing, and the calculation is not neat.

He was upset and frustrated, and opened the tent curtain to breathe. Suddenly I heard the low voice coming from the wind. I heard it seem to say the world, and I seem to hear the word “Gu Xuan”. His heart is “squeaky”, for the stars of the stars, “Guan Xuan” is really a taboo word. He secretly looked at the past, the female slaves of Mrs. Ying’s. It seemed to be the last horse in the night. They walked with oil lamps and looked at the tents of the world. The light of the oil lamps pulled their shadows. Long and erratic, like the ghost of traveling in the dark night.

There was no trace of coldness on the back. He just wanted to put down the tent curtain. The old man who had already slept quickly suddenly picked up. The old man who had just turned to the west was now as fierce as a leopard who wanted to eat. He turned around in the tent and picked up one of the thickest horse sticks and kicked the curtain and strode out. Amo wanted to hold him, but he was brought with him.

“Hesha, don’t!” Amo ran out.

He stunned and saw the old man copying the horse stick. A pair of rushing rushes to stand beside his white horse. A linen robes ripped open his chest, and the lights shone on his body, a layer of red light. He shook twice, took a sip of a sip of alcohol, and suddenly picked up the shovel on the saddle and knocked it with a horse stick. The thunder of the metal is harsh in the night, as if the top bone of the person is to be opened. The flock that had fallen asleep was alarmed, and the sound of the horse was heard from behind. The female slaves were even scared and bowed in trepidation. They did not dare to go forward and retreated in panic.

Before the people in the tent came out, the old man threw the horse stick and turned back to the tent. Amo sneaked in, only to see the old man sitting on the bed, slowly rubbing the fire, and ordered a pot of smoke in the smoky pot of the green jade mouth, taking a long breath. The smoke swelled and surrounded him. Amo did not dare to move, the old man was rarely so serious, he looked down at the red light flashing on the pot, silent for a long time.

“Come on!” The old man patted the bed around him and let Amo squatted beside him.

He smoked and silenced for a long time.

“Amo, you are my student, the future of the barbarian may be related to you, then there are some things, the teacher always tells you.” He grabbed his own bald head, “just say how…”

“Start from the beginning…start with the history of our barbarian.” The old man got up and threw a few pieces of dry wood into the campfire. The faint Mars vacated and the fire illuminates his thin face. “Maybe you listen.” Ma Yuqin sings the story of Wang, the story of King Chinda, and thinks that it is the history of our barbarian. But for thousands of years, the barbarian has several heroes like King and King Chindahan? Real history, in Under the grass of the Zhangzhou grassland.”

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