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Love, Just Come Episode 4

Xue Qing Qing Ling-rough spots Henry Ding took it to make up for mistakes. Ding Hai participated in the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, but found that Duan Tianlang was the first heir to Chint. He thought while he was vomiting. Why didn’t he have more money at the beginning? Seeing Duan Xueqing standing next to Duan Tianlang , she mistakenly thought that she was Duan Tianlang’s girlfriend. She suddenly remembered the model room that had brought her company Zhengtai before. If she was known by Duan Tianlang, she would definitely be complained. So Ding Hai stopped Duan Xueqing and asked the other party not to tell Duan Tianlang about it, Duan Xueqing agreed.

However, the next day, Ding Hai was complained, and Chint had cancelled the advertising contract on the grounds of misusing the model keys. Ding Hai was reprimanded by his boss. In fact, he did not go into the model room and just strolled outside. He felt that Duan Tianlang was retaliating against himself.

On the other hand, Duan’s father held a board of directors and announced that Duan Tianlang became the general manager of Chint. However, he was attacked by half of the directors. Duan Tianlang did not pay attention. Duan Xueqing’s face was also a bit ugly. At this time, a director proposed that Duan Tianlang should first enter the sales department. The next performance can be increased by five percentage points on the basis of Duan Xueqing. Duan Tianlang has put down his words and will improve himself in the next two months. Ten percentage points. The final result was: Duan Xueqing became the general manager of Chint, and Duan Tianlang became the head of the sales department.

Lili Flower Shop received the order. Since Lili couldn’t walk away, she asked Qingyi to send it herself. Due to the address problem, Qingyi sent the wrong flower and sent it to Duan Xueqing’s office. When Duan Xueqing saw the Qing dynasty, he felt that there was a conspiracy. He immediately called the security guard to check whether there were any weapons on the Qing dynasty. Qing Yi found that he had sent the wrong flower and immediately turned and left.

Qing Qing sent the flowers to the receiver, only to find that the other party was Duan Tianlang, the two met each other, Duan Tianlang refused to sign, clear and crying, let the other party sign the word, the plan to succeed Domineering left. But she did not think that she had lost a handkerchief and embroidered the tulip on the handkerchief. Duan Tianlang had a special reason for the tulip. After seeing the tulip, Duan Tianlang was fainted by sudden stimuli and was sent by Duan Xueqing passing by. Go to the hospital.

Sunan knew that the flower shop supplier who ordered the flower was Qingyi, and immediately called the Lili flower shop and asked the other party to replace the supplier. After Qingxun knew the news, he immediately ran to the gate of Zhengtai and wanted to stop Duan Tianlang’s apology. However, Duan Tianlang avoided it, and there was no way to clear it. He could only let the gang help him to say good things in front of Duan Tianlang. The flower shop and its own flower garden. I promised on the surface, and Qing did not think that all of this was facilitated by one hand.

Ding Hai was strongly requested by the boss to find the person in charge of Zheng Ted and to save the advertisement of Chint. Unfortunately, Ding Hai was stopped outside, Duan Xueqing did not help him, Duan Tianlang also turned a blind eye to him, but there was no way, in order to keep his job, he only The request can be whispered. In fact, Duan Tianlang did not know about advertising, so Ding Hai was completely looking for the wrong person. Ding Hai, who had no success, was drunk and drunk, and he took care of him for one night.

In order to promote the hotel’s sales performance, Duan Tianlang launched a fragrance survey to see what fragrance the fragrance likes. What Tian Tianlang didn’t think was that he was able to meet the Qing Dynasty in the flower market. Qing Yi volunteered to help each other, Duan Tianlang did not rely on, the helpless Duan Tianlang was brought to the side, want to have a good chat. Qingyi apologized to Duan Tianlang and asked the other party not to cancel the order of Zhengtai Group at Lili Flower Shop.

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