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Justice Bao: The First Year 包青天再起風雲 (2019)

Justice Bao: The First Year
Other Title: 包青天再起風雲 / Bāo qīngtiān zàiqǐ fēngyún

Genres: Historical, Drama
Episodes: 30
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Yao Tianyuan , Lei Ruilin , Chen Jianghong , Wu Zhaorong , Huang Weisen
Writer: Liang Zhixian , Liangen Dong , Ma Jingwen , Yang Haoran , Huangbing Yi , Yu Baihao
Network: TVB Jade Channel
Release Date: July 22 – August 30, 2019
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  • Cheung Owen
  • Fu Kelly
  • Chan Grace
  • Yiu Elaine
  • Wu Nancy
  • Cho Raymond

During the reign of Emperor Songzong, Bao Zheng ( Tan Junyan ) took up the post of Kaifeng Fu Yin, and the public servant Sun Ce ( Cao Yonglian ), the guardian Zhan Zhao ( Zhang Zhenlang ), and the four catches quickly to fight the hurricane. The merchant’s daughter Yun Qianyu ( Hu Dingxin ornaments) can speak eloquently, and the public Sun Sun policy points to become a litigator; Gao Chang’s commemorative commemoration ( Yao Zi Ling ornaments) is proficient in autopsy, and the second female help Kaifeng seven children repeatedly break the odd case.

However, the Kaifeng government is in crisis. Pang Taishi ( Li Chengchang ) is overbearing and has repeatedly harmed Bao Zheng. Bao Zheng and his thoughts were like each other, but they found that their true identity was a hidden conspiracy… The father of Qian Yu’s father was full of ambitions, and he even said that Ren Zong was not a true dragon! In the face of the most difficult case, Bao Zheng will bury his conscience for the community, or expose the truth?

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