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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 6 Recap

When eating at home, Bi Xiwen was depressed and left the table early on the pretext of eating. Lin Shu asked Bi Zhanlang to accompany Bi Xiwen. Bi Zhanlang started a long comment on him, so that Bi Xiwen should not be so passive in front of Dongxin. Before leaving, he told him that the last chance to see Dongxin was at the auction.

Bi Zhanlang asked Lin Shu to buy He Xiaoqing’s items at a charity auction for more than two thousand yuan. But it was rejected because of insufficient reasons.

He Xiaoqing was thinking about what to use for auction, and suddenly received two thousand yuan transferred from the president. In the next second, Bi Zhanlang called, and she instantly understood that it was Bi Zhanlang who was helping. He Xiaoqing came to Tongxin Welfare Institute to teach children painting. Seeing He Xiaoqing and Bi Zhanlang who gave him candy last time, He Xiaoqing realized that she might have misunderstood Bi Zhanlang.

Before the charity auction, Dongxin changed his old style and combed a more complicated hair style. He Xiaoqing is very beautiful in the dress given by the proprietress. At this time, Caiyin came over to satirize He Xiaoqing for not having a lot. He Xiaoqing wants to give her a piece of chewing gum to clear her mouth. Everyone was entering, only He Xiaoqing’s lot was sent over. He Xiaoqing carried a heavy drawing board and accidentally ran into Bi Zhanlang. Finally, let him help get the lot in.

At the beginning of the auction, Dongxin brought a poem soundtrack performance for everyone. The beautiful piano music combined with Simposka’s poem “Love at First Sight” makes everyone immersed in this romantic atmosphere, as if everyone can feel the beauty of love at first sight. Throughout the performance, Bi Xiwen watched Dongxin with affectionate eyes.

The host asked He Xiaoqing to introduce her lot. He Xiaoqing showed everyone a video taken with her mobile phone. It was a scene where children in the welfare home were drawing, and He Xiaoqing’s lottery was exactly the character of Baifu drawn by these children together. Dongfang Rui is very interested in this work. Lin Shu was also deeply moved and decided to take this work at a high price. Because she was also a person who was enthusiastic about public welfare, her time in the orphanage is her best memory.

When the auction result was announced, He Xiaoqing’s Baifu character was auctioned by Ms. Lin Shu for 50,000 yuan and won the first place in the auction. Ms. Lin Shu asked her son Bi Zhanlang to help pick up the lot. Bi Zhanlang kept watching He Xiaoqing on the stage, and the excitement that could not be restrained was all on his face. Bi Xiwen kept looking back at Dongxin throughout the auction, but Dongxin was completely unmoved.

At the end of the auction, He Xiaoqing apologized to Bi Zhanlang for the sweet things. Qiao Lingling wanted to take Bi Zhanlang’s car back, but Bi Zhanlang bluntly refused. She had to continue waiting for the driver. After everyone left, Bi Xiwen and Lin Shu have been joking with Bi Zhanlang and He Xiaoqing. Bi Zhanlang was embarrassed.

After everyone left, Bi Xiwen has been looking at Dongxin, waiting for Dongxin to give him a response. However, Dong Xin only talked to He Xiaoqing, and determined not to look back at Bi Xiwen. She wanted Bi Xiwen to understand that she could love him, but he was not the only choice.

Qiao Lingling suffocated her stomach and returned home. She was very angry that everyone was helping He Xiaoqing. Even the equivalent exchange at the auction can be broken. Caiyin thinks that everyone helped He Xiaoqing because she is relatively weak. She will find a way to let He Xiaoqing retreat in the face of difficulties and stay away from Bi Zhanlang.

Caiyin thinks that Qiao Lingling is the best match for Bi Zhanlang. In the face of love, Qiao Lingling didn’t want to know the truth, she wanted He Xiaoqing to put away those crooked thoughts towards Bi Zhanlang, and her eyes were filled with the flame of jealousy instantly.

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