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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 5 Recap

He Xiaoqing tirelessly came to Si Jie and deliberately used words to stimulate him. He Xiaoqing took out her sharp weapon and aggressive attitude to let him accept the game. After some well-founded remarks, Si Jie seemed to be moved, wondering if he had misunderstood Bi Zhanlang at the beginning.

He Xiaoqing was a little absent-minded during training, and ran out when she heard the phone ring. Bi Zhanlang was speechless. He Xiaoqing quietly took Si Jie to the court and asked him to hide outside to observe Bi Zhanlang’s attitude. He Xiaoqing bet Bi Zhanlang that if she wins Qiao Lingling, Bi Zhanlang must agree to participate in a game. Unable to help her pleading, Bi Zhanlang had to agree.

The match between He Xiaoqing and Qiao Lingling is about to begin. At the start of the game, Qiao Lingling took the lead in scoring. He Xiaoqing then evened the score. The game was in full swing. He Xiaoqing fell all of a sudden, and Bi Zhanlang encouraged her to agree to her bet as long as she could stand up firmly. Seeing Bi Zhanlang caring about He Xiaoqing so much, Qiao Lingling suddenly lost interest in the game. Seeing He Xiaoqing standing up, Bi Zhanlang took the initiative to call the president and asked to join the tennis club.

Zhu Shuo came out again with a few people to intercept Ye Zi, just as He Xiaoqing was by his side and was about to teach them. At this time, Bi Zhanlang ran over and drove them away. When he returned home, He Xiaoqing was very angry that Ye Ye was being bullied. The timid Ye Zi just wanted to calm things down, and didn’t want to confront them.

Qiao Lingling came to see the president, hoping that he would give He Xiaoqing the two thousand dollars in the original announcement of the game, because she had made a lot of contributions in getting Bi Zhanlang back to the tennis club.

Qiao Lingling came to Bi Zhanlang and pointed out that He Xiaoqing’s encouragement to return to the tennis club might be using him to get a bonus of two thousand yuan. Bi Zhanlang was very annoyed after listening, and he was embarrassed to ask He Xiaoqing directly. After a ideological struggle, Bi Zhanlang, who was kind by nature, finally considered the problem in the position of He Xiaoqing.

He Xiaoqing came to Si Jie to expose the conspiracy that existed in the game that year, and used this as a threat to make him play with Bi Zhanlang. Si Jie had no choice but to agree. He Xiaoqing deliberately deceived Bi Zhanlang to the court and asked Si Jie to wear a hat to hide his identity. Bi Zhanlang didn’t know it was He Xiaoqing’s strategy, so he fought Si Jie. Bi Zhanlang defeated Si Jie with his strength, and when Si Jie took off his hat, Bi Zhanlang was surprised. Si Jie told Bi Zhanlang of He Xiaoqing’s hard work. And apologized to him for the game that year. Bi Zhanlang finally let go of the grudge in his heart.

Bi Zhanlang asked He Xiaoqing whether he designed her for the two thousand yuan bonus. It turned out that He Xiaoqing had no idea about the announcement of rewards. But when He Xiaoqing heard about the money issue, she became very interested, and she wanted to get the two thousand dollars now. I especially regret not knowing that I have this announcement reward.

Before the annual charity auction of Da Yin College, the etiquette assessment of general enrollment will be conducted. There will also be some legendary figures. Among them is Dongfang Yu’s uncle Dongfang Rui, who is the youngest and most handsome honorary professor of the University of Music. Another is the star senior A Xu. As soon as Axu appeared, many fans screamed and shouted.

Dongfang Rui offered to let A Xu dance a dance with the school girl. Axu ignores the cheers of others. He directly invited the expressionless He Xiaoqing to dance. Seeing He Xiaoqing and A Xu dancing gracefully, Bi Zhanlang was uncomfortable and got up and left.

When the event was over, He Xiaoqing avoided the crowded fans and waited in the parking lot to find A Xu for an autograph. A Xu signed several more for her in a row, and He Xiaoqing still wanted him to sign a few more. Bi Zhanlang, who was hiding by the side, saw that He Xiaoqing was only asking for an autograph with A Xu, and he had no other intentions.

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