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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 4 Recap

Qiao Lingling was very angry that He Xiaoqing could easily get Bi Zhanlang’s favor. They are not people of the same world at all. The Qiao family and the Bi family are in good hands. She has been preparing to marry Bi Zhanlang since she was a child. But Bi Zhanlang didn’t want to look at her more at all.

Caiyin helped her analyze the reason that He Xiaoqing is a barbaric and uneducated person, and Qiao Lingling’s indulgence in fighting or grabbing just indulged He Xiaoqing’s arrogance. She suggested that Qiao Lingling use the aura of the palace to suppress He Xiaoqing and turn Bi Zhanlang’s gaze away from He Xiaoqing. Take it back. Qiao Lingling is very grateful to Caiyin for her help.

Lying in bed at night, He Xiaoqing thought about Bi Zhanlang’s behavior and felt that he was not a bad person either. Qiao Lingling told her that Bi Zhanlang had quit tennis and no longer played tennis. For He Xiaoqing, he stepped up to play again and made great sacrifices. He Xiaoqing was suddenly interested in Bi Zhanlang’s withdrawal from the tennis club and decided to find out why.

So she dialed Bi Xiwen’s phone. Bi Xiwen told her that Bi Zhanlang was exposed by his opponent Si Jie to win the championship by family power during the third tennis match. After Bi Zhanlang verified, he never played tennis again. Bi Zhanlang wanted to take the college entrance examination in order to prove that he insisted on taking the college entrance examination, but on the day of the examination, he was delayed in order to save others. In the end, only the admission notice from the University of Music can be accepted.

He Xiaoqing’s face-slapped Bi Zhanlang thing was fermented on the Internet, and many people were scolding her. He Xiaoqing saw Bi Zhanlang’s voice when searching for herself, and told her to make her happy. He Xiaoqing was touched in her heart. But always can’t muster the courage to contact him.

Bi Zhanlang heard Zhu Shuo in the bar restroom about to attack the students of the University of Music. I went out to search but I couldn’t see it.

He Xiaoqing deliberately cut the string of the racket and threaded it with wool. It was ridiculous to be seen by everyone in the stadium. Qiao Lingling deliberately asked Dongfang Yu to take He Xiaoqing to buy rackets and asked Bi Zhanlang to stay with her to play. Bi Zhanlang took the initiative to take He Xiaoqing to buy a racket.

Dongxin walked through the places where Bi Xiwen had been alone, and those were places full of good memories. Thinking of the sweetness of the past, Dong Xin smiled, as if he still had a glimmer of hope for the feelings between them.

Bi Zhanlang asked He Xiaoqing what he whispered to the store owner when he bought the racket. He Xiaoqing kept her mouth silent. In fact, He Xiaoqing deliberately asked Bi Zhanlang to take her to the tennis shop to buy a racket, because she wanted to ask the owner about Si Jie’s situation, and she wanted to quietly help Bi Zhanlang untie the knot in her past.

Lin Shu saw Dongxin in the coffee shop and the two chatted a lot. Lin Shu told her that Bi Xiwen often said that Dongxin was his very tacit friend. Hearing this, Dong Xin’s heart sighed, she did not expect that in Bi Xiwen’s mouth, she was just an ordinary friend. Her heart suddenly fell to the freezing point. Let her have no hope of this relationship anymore.

Bi Zhanlang accompanies He Xiaoqing to practice tennis. During the break, He Xiaoqing mentioned the match between Bi Zhanlang and Si Jie. She suggested that Bi Zhanlang compete with Si Jie again to prove herself. Bi Zhanlang believes that giving up the game is the greatest respect for tennis. He Xiaoqing felt that if he gave up his favorite things because of other people’s doubts, it would only have a greater impact on herself. Bi Zhanlang did not want to continue talking about this matter. Anti-comrades He Xiaoqing is so cute and considerate.

After the training, Bi Zhanlang drove He Xiaoqing home. He Xiaoqing got off the car far away from home because she was going to find Si Jie. After Bi Zhanlang left, he found Dongxin fainted on the road alone, and hurriedly stopped to help.

He Xiaoqing came to the club alone to find Si Jie and invited him to participate in a friendly tennis match. Hearing that his opponent was Bi Zhanlang, Si Jie refused. Zhu Shuo stopped Ye Zi on the road again, and had to give Ye Zi a cup of milk tea in order to express his gratitude. When he got home, Ye Zi lied to his home that he came back late after meeting his classmates.

Bi Xiwen stayed beside Dong Xin who was in a coma, and Dong Xin didn’t want to pay attention to Bi Xiwen’s diligence when he woke up. Bi Xiwen wanted to go back to the past with her, and would try his best to meet Dongxin’s requirements. Dongxin thinks that they have been going back and forth in this relationship, and she doesn’t want to go on like this anymore. Regardless of Bi Xiwen’s retention or his explanation, Dong Xin resolutely left. Seeing Dongxin leaving behind, Bi Xiwen felt that he was a failure.

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