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New Horizon (2021) 壮志高飞

New Horizon
Other Title: 壮志高飞, Zhuang Zhi Gao Fei, New Aspiration, Zhuang Zhi Gao Fei

Genres: Aviation, Romance
China Mainland
Cai Jing Chang (蔡晶盛), Li Hong Yu (李宏宇), Li Wen Shun (李文舜)
Ou Guan Ying (欧冠英)
Hunan TV, Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Release Date:
May 27, 2021 – Jun 27, 2021
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  • Joe Chen as Wu Di (吴迪)
  • Zheng Kai as Xiao Mo (肖默)
  • Zhu Zi Xiao as Xia Yu (夏宇)
  • Lv Yi as Du Wei (杜葳)
  • Hu Bing as Ren Yuan (任远)
  • Zhao Zi Qi as Hua Xin (华欣)
  • Wu Jian Fei as Luo Dong (罗冬)
  • Wang Jia Ning as Duo Duo (朵朵)
  • Dong Chen as Li Teng (李腾)

New Horizon is about young people who dream of taking flight in the blue skies and the tests that they encounter when in comes to friendship, romance and career. Xiao Mo is a talented pilot who experiences a blow to his career when a person dies on his watch because of an accident. The person is the mother of Xia Yu who is the successor of an aviation empire.

Even though subsequent investigations cleared Xiao Mo of any fault, he resigns from his job due to guilt and chooses to become a mechanic instead. Two years later, Xiao Mo returns to flying and also encounters Xia Yu who’s studying to become a pilot as well. The two men find themselves falling for the same woman, Wu Di. To complicate matters, details from two years ago resurface causing the people to suspect Xiao Mo once again.

Xiao Mo, the assistant pilot of Midsummer Airlines, accidentally discovered a fire during a flight, which indirectly caused the death of the mother of the airline’s prince Xia Yu. Although the company finally determined that Xiao Mo was not responsible, Xiao Mo resigned as a pilot because of guilt and became a maintenance engineer. Two years later, Xiao Mo returned to the flight team and met Xia Yu, who was already a flight student during the retraining period of the aviation school.

The two of them even fell in love with Wu Di, a straightforward female flying, and the three fell into emotional entanglement. At this time, an unfinished investigation report suddenly appeared, and the unknown truth two years ago made everyone suspicious of Xiao Mo again. Seeing Xiao Mo facing grounding again, Wu Di’s heart began to gradually move closer to Xia Yu. At this time Xiao Mo no longer flinched and tried his best to find out the ins and outs of the accident two years ago. Xiao Mo tried his best to prove his innocence and his strength as a pilot, and once again returned to the blue sky.

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