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Never Say Goodbye (2021) 不说再见

Never Say Goodbye
Other Title: 不说再见 / Bu Shuo Zai Jian

Genres: Crime, procedural, Action, Romance, Crime, Detective
47 episodes
China Mainland
Yin Fei (殷飞)
Chen Xue (陈雪), Zheng Dong Ying (郑东影), Zhou Hang (周航)
Release Date:
Jun 22, 2021 – Jul 27, 2021
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  • Ren Jia Lun as Liu Yuanwen / Mu Qing
  • Janine Chang as Ou Kexin
  • Johnny Kou as Mr. Ou
  • Cheng Xian as Liu Hanshan
  • Liu En You as Mu Rong
  • Xiong Nai Jin as Li Yimeng
  • Xuan Yuan as Li Ruosheng
  • Gao Zifeng as Zhao Ran

Three years ago, due to the intelligence errors of the criminal police officer Liu Yuanwen, his fiancee and the new criminal police officers were killed and killed by the drug dealers. The sinister squad of the scorpion squad glory because of the death of his sister and the good brother Liu Yuanwen turned against the enemy, Liu Yuanwen was disheartened to leave the police station and did not know where to go, and glory for revenge, after three years of continuous efforts, became the captain of the anti-drug brigade of Yungang City.

In order to destroy the drug trafficking K group and dig out the “ghost” behind the head of the international drug trafficking organization, the Municipal Public Security Bureau allocated resources to set up the “84 Group”, and the glory took the post of the team leader for revenge, but did not expect the team’s first task. It is to provide support for Liu Yuanwen, the only remaining undercover in the “K” group, to help him to get on the top and to contact the core of K organization. Therefore, the reality of the ruthless, let the two who bear the fate of torture, can only choose to cooperate again, with the step by step approaching the truth, the two found that the honor may still be alive.

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