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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 2 Recap

In a sunny day, Bi Zhanlang and He Xiaoqing ushered in a tennis match. Everyone is cheering for Bi Zhanlang. The game started, but He Xiaoqing didn’t show up for a long time, and the phone couldn’t get through. Due to the absence of He Xiaoqing, the coach announced that Bi Zhanlang had won. Bi Zhanlang attaches great importance to this game, and when he saw that he was released, he threw his racket to the ground in desperation.

In the hotel, Bi Xiwen promised Dongxin to take her to see his second aunt and uncle in a while. Dongxin knew that this was Bi Xiwen’s postponement. When the two were arguing, Dongxin picked up a glass and poured it at Bi Xiwen. This scene happened to be seen by He Xiaoqing, a part-time waiter here. Seeing Dongxin leaving in anger, He Xiaoqing pretended to be calm but quietly manipulated in the wine. Bi Xiwen left a tip before he left, so that He Xiaoqing would see Dongxin come here in the future and take good care of her.

At this time, Bi Zhanlang came in, and He Xiaoqing was so scared that He Xiaoqing hurriedly hid. When Bi Zhanlang drank the wine on the table, he was too sour. Bi Zhanlang spotted He Xiaoqing and chased him in the hotel. He Xiaoqing said that she could not understand Bi Xiwen bullying Dongxin, so she put white vinegar in the wine.

Bi Zhanlang asked her why the game did not come. It turned out that He Xiaoqing was deliberately taking revenge on Bi Zhanlang for something sweet. Bi Zhanlang didn’t know what she was talking about. He was confused when he looked at He Xiaoqing’s eloquent words. He Xiaoqing mentioned saving her grandmother during the college entrance examination.

Bi Zhanlang only knew that the rescue had delayed He Xiaoqing’s exam, and she had to abandon her favorite university and come to the University of Music. If you can choose again, He Xiaoqing is willing to choose her own life without being interfered by others, and hopes that she has never met Bi Zhanlang. At this time, someone rode past He Xiaoqing, Bi Zhanlang gently pulled He Xiaoqing into his arms, and accidentally kissed the other person.

Bi Zhanlang was ashamed of He Xiaoqing, sweating like rain in the ring, venting his unhappiness. He asked Dongfang Yu how to be nice to a girl.

In the evening Ye Zi walked home alone and was blocked by the little ruffian Zhu Shuo. Zhu Shuo borrowed money from her. Ye Ye was very scared, so he quickly took out his wallet and gave it to Zhu Shuo. Zhu Shuo deliberately gave her the IOU. Ye Zi ran away like an escape. When she returned home, she was undecided, and she didn’t know what happened when she saw He Xiaoqing crying. He Xiaoqing found the IOU given to Ye Zi by Zhu Shuo, but Ye Zi pushed it away vaguely.

Caiyin was calling Qiao Lingling deliberately to fan the flames, trying to find a way to rectify He Xiaoqing. Caiyin called Xiuxiu, a cram school classmate, and asked her to help create trouble for He Xiaoqing.

He Xiaoqing went back to work in the hotel and was wronged and stole Xiuxiu’s money. He Xiaoqing didn’t rush and cleared herself of suspicion. Xiuxiu had to apologize to He Xiaoqing.

Dongxin played the piano in the concert hall, and the whole person was intoxicated by the beautiful music. She kept reminiscing about the past with Bi Xiwen. They used to be so close, and gradually Bi Xiwen always ignored Dongxin because of his work. Dongxin felt that she might not be that important to Bi Xiwen, and it might be time to say goodbye to him. She decided to end this relationship.

Xiuxiu was calling Caiyin to report the framing of He Xiaoqing. He Xiaoqing recorded the audio with her mobile phone. She asked Xiuxiu to take a screenshot of Caiyin’s transfer records. In the face of the evidence, Xiuxiu had to give the screenshots to He Xiaoqing.

Dongxin came to the hotel to find He Xiaoqing. She asked He Xiaoqing to return the key to Bi Xiwen’s office. She was tired of Bi Xiwen’s shirk again and again and decided to break up. He Xiaoqing felt sorry for them. Dongxin told her that she could die for one person, but she didn’t want to live only for him. Seeing Dongxin’s words and deeds, with a frown and a smile, He Xiaoqing thought she was really beautiful.

Bi Zhanlang taught Bi Xiwen not to hesitate in the face of love. If you like a girl, you should give her everything she likes. Bi Xiwen believes that his life cannot be completely surrounded by love, he also has responsibilities and careers. Bi Zhanlang returned to his room and looked at the “He Xiaoqing Guilty Compensation Schedule” written in his notebook, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Caiyin deliberately arranges He Xiaoqing and Qiao Lingling to compete in a group. Qiao Lingling has warned He Xiaoqing to stay away from Bi Zhanlang. At this time, Bi Zhanlang came over, and He Xiaoqing was cold-eyed. She thought that the debt with Bi Zhanlang had been evened out, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with him in the future. I don’t want to cause too much trouble because of him. Caiyin and Qiao Lingling witnessed all this. Qiao Lingling wanted to show good wishes to Bi Zhanlang, but was warned not to treat He Xiaoqing specially.

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