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My Roommate is a Detective (2020) 民国奇探

My Roommate is a Detective (2019)
Other Title: My Roommate is a Detective / 民国奇探 / Min Guo Qi Tan / Republic of China / ยอดนักสืบแห่งยุคสาธารณรัฐจีน

Genres: Republic, Suspense
China Mainland
Zhang Wei Ke (张伟克)
iQiyi, Haile Film & Television
Release Date:
April 11, 2020
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  • Hu Yi Tian as Lu Yao
  • Zhang Yun Long as Qiao Chusheng
  • Xiao Yan as Bai Youning

Fourteen years after the Republic of China, the son of Lu Gongzi (Hu Dayi), who returned from studying in the UK, was invited by Qiao Chusheng (Zhang Yunlong), the inspector of the extraordinary patrol house, to explore the case with his super-intellectual intelligence and reasoning ability. Also joined hands with the sense of justice, the female reporter Bai Youning (Xiao Yan ornaments) formed a detective squad, and detected a seemingly awkward murder case. The three people with different personalities adhered to justice in the chaos and maintained the legend of social stability.

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