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Mu Nan Zhi 慕南枝 (2019)

Mu Nan Zhi (2019)
Other Title: 慕南枝 / Mu Nan Zhi (2019)

Genres: Historical, Romance
China Mainland
Wang Jing (王靖)
Zhi Zhi (吱吱), Ju Fang Fang (鞠芳芳)
Release Date:
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Mu Nan Zhi (慕南枝) by Zhi Zhi (吱吱)


  • Lin Si Yi as Jiang Xian

Story of how Jiang Xian rises to become the founding Empress of the Yuan Ding dynasty. Introduction: In the past life, Li Qianxiao thought about Jiang Xian’s life as a queen. In this life, Li Qian feels that a thousand miles of Acacia is not as good as nephrite, and the owner of Jiannan County, Jiang Xianxian, has been robbed and said… PS: The important thing is said three times. This is the female host’s rebirth, this is the female host’s rebirth, this is the female host’s rebirth.

After the Double Ninth Festival, there was heavy rain in Kyoto, and the rain did not stop for half a month. In the autumn, the Kyoto is full of dead branches, the leaves are everywhere, the weather becomes cold and damp, and the cold is chilling. Cining Palace burned the dragon. Wang Tai, the Empress Dowager, was not willing to go out. He supported the table at Dongwenge and called the granddaughter Jianan’s owner Jiang Xian and the emperor Taihao Bai’s to play the leaf card. Even if it is, it is still a person. They had to let the female official of the Cining Palace, Meng Fangqi, make up a number. Taihuang Taibai Baishi can not help but feel: “Our two generations of emperors can be rare infatuated people, willing to be one-minded, white heads are not separated. They have to pay for their wishes.

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