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Fist Fight 兄弟 (2018)

Fist Fight
Other Title: 兄弟 / Brothers

Genres: drama, Hong Kong Drama
Episodes: 30
Country: Hong Kong
Network: TVB
Release Date: Dec 31, 2018
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  • Wong Vincent
  • Yeung Matt
  • Ng Philip
  • Kong Kaman
  • Zhu Rebecca
  • Chan Toby

The story follows the relationship between two brothers (Michael Miu and Eason Chan) who are part of a Hong Kong triad. Tensions rise in the triad underworld when triad leader Tin Tam (Wang Zhi Wen) falls victim to an assassination attempt. His son, triad head Yiu Tam (Michael Miu), is now in charge, and must secure the safety of the triad from interlopers Uncle Nine (Henry Fong) and Kui (Ken Tong). Meanwhile, cop Inspector Lau (Andy Lau) angles to bring Yiu down.

Amidst this, Yiu’s innocent brother, Shun Tam (Eason Chan) returns from America to visit his ailing father, only to find himself quickly drawn into the escalating violence of the triad underworld. Yiu acts to keep his brother safe, with trusted enforcer Ghostie (Felix Wong) acting as Shun’s bodyguard. But Yiu may not be entirely on the level. Years ago, a fortune teller told Tin Tam that one of his sons would someday kill the other. To prevent that tragedy, Tin separated the two, but now that Shun and Yiu are back together, and with violence and betrayal surrounding them, it may only be a matter of time before the prophecy comes true.

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