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Young and Beautiful (2021) 我的漂亮朋友

Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友
Other Title: 我的漂亮朋友, Wo De Piao Ling Peng You, My Beautiful Friend , Wo De Piao Liang Peng You , Ngo Di Piu Leung Pang Yau

Genres: Drama, Romance
China Mainland
Zhang Xiao An (张笑安)
Li Wan Bing (黎宛冰)
Release Date:
May 14, 2021 –
Related Show:
Wo De Piao Ling Peng You (我的漂亮朋友) by Chen Guo (陈果)


  • Zhang Tian Ai as Liu Wenjing
  • Xu Kai Cheng as Xing Tianming
  • Gao Zhi Ting as Yan Liangkun
  • Li Mu Chen as Hua Hua
  • Yang Ting Dong as Qiao Haifeng
  • Sheng Lang Xi as Wei Wei
  • Zhang Xin as Xiao Mu

Liu Wenjing, a 19-year old girl from a small village, came to Shanghai alone and struggles to make it in the city. Throughout the ten years, she made many friends and her life gradually changes. However along the way, she also loses herself and give in to the materialism of the city. She eventually returns back to the right path with the help of her friends.

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