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Xu Kai Cheng 徐开骋 (Actor)

Xu Kai Cheng 徐开骋 (Actor)
Other Name: Xu Kai Cheng / 徐开骋 / Xu Kai Cheng / สวี่ไคเฉิง / 开开 / Kaikai

Nationality: Chinese
August 8, 1990
Shanghai, China
Star sign:
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Ming Dao Studio
Shanghai Theatre Academy
Official website:
Music group:

TV Drama Series:

  • Shen Yi Feng Hou (TBA) as Jun Linzhou
  • Young and Beautiful (TBA) as Xing Tianming
  • The Next Top Star 热搜女王 (2019) as Baili Lan (Guest)
  • Broker (2019) as Qin Bin
  • Well Intended Love (2019) as Ling Yizhou
  • Boys to Men 拜托啦师兄 (2018) as Ou Yang
  • I’m a Pet At Dali Temple (2018) as Qing Moyan
  • The Way We Were (2018) as William (Cameo)
  • Moonshine and Valentine (2018) as Tao Jialin
  • My Beautiful Teacher 2 我的美女老师第二季 (2018) as Qin Chao
  • I Cannot Hug You 2 (2018) as Cui Junhe
  • I Cannot Hug You (2017) as Cui Junhe
  • My Ruby My Blood 一粒红尘 (2017) as Wang Ge
  • Midnight Diner (2017) as Cai Zhiyong (Guest)
  • Idol Hunter 偶像猎手 (2016) as An Feng / An Lin
  • The Lover’s Lies 爱人的谎言 (2016) as Dong Xiaoqiu
  • Moon River (2015) as Dong Haonan
  • Mr. Bodyguard (2015) as Situ Jiong
  • Campus Belle 校花攻略 (2015) as Zhao Mo
  • The Backlight of Love (2015) as Zheng Yang (Cameo)
  • If I Love You (2014) as Liu Kai (Cameo)
  • The Queen of SOP 2 (2013) as Duan Kai

Movies Films:

  • (2018)
  • An Ying Te Gong Ju 暗影特工局 (2016) as Dong Pingan

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