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Bai Mu Mi Zong 百慕迷踪 (2019)

Bai Mu Mi Zong
Other Title: 百慕迷踪 / Baimu Jonny / Enchanted

Genres: Chinese Drama, Suspense, Drama
Episodes: 23 Episodes
Country: China Mainland
Director: Danny Ko
Release Date: Dec 31, 2019
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  • Zhang Danfeng
  • Li Chun

The world’s engineer Peng Sen ( Zhang Danfeng ) ‘s fiancee Lin Qi suddenly disappeared, all the clues point to a mysterious area of ​​foreign countries, Bai Mubo, Peng Sen met the expedition anchor Hu Yue in the process of tracing. In the process of searching for people, Peng Sen and Hu Yue discovered that Lin Qi was kidnapped to the B world by Pengsen of the parallel world, and that Bermuda is the entrance connecting two parallel worlds. B World Pengsen kidnapped Lin Qi in order to use Lin Qi’s heart to save his dying lover B World Lin Qi. And B World Lin Qi was touched by Peng Sen’s attachment to love.

Peng Sen and Hu Yue also gradually become confidants of suffering and common. Pengsen of the two worlds fell into emotional entanglement with Lin Qi and Hu Yue. At this time, the B world evil plan also surfaced, because the B world technology highly developed resources exhausted and the ecological imbalance is serious, the B world is going to capture the A world, and finally the two worlds of Pengsen are determined to join hands with Lin Qihuyue. Turning the tide to stop this catastrophe, the two parallel worlds return to peace and peace.


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