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Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友 (2018)

Meet Miss Anxiety (2018)
Other Title: 我的早更女友 / Wo De Zao Geng Nu You

Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance
China Mainland
Qi Xiaohui
Release Date:
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  • Shu Chang
  • Sun Jian
  • Sean Zhang
  • Mimi Luo
  • Coco Fan
  • Ricky Wang
  • Zhang Luayo
  • Wang Bowen
  • Feng Bing
  • Ray Liu
  • Wu Ying

When the love is desperate, “early and more beautiful ” Yu Jia , the ultimate infatuation “warm man” Yuan Xiaoou, happy to gather together, staged a ridiculous and warm and moving story. Because of an unforgettable loss of love, Yan Jia’s body and mind lit up a red light, sexual incompetence, half a year does not come to aunt, multiple personality together. In order to cure such a “early girlfriend”, the five-star warm man Yuan Xiaoou only you can’t think of it, without him can’t do it, bit by bit the warmth, let her regain the faith of love. 


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