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Lion Pride 獅子王強大 (2017)

Lion Pride
Other Title: 獅子王強大 / Shīziwáng qiángdà / Lion King Powerful

Genre: Taiwanese Drama
Episodes: 16
Country: Taiwan
Director: Chen Bao Zhong 陳保中
Writer: Zhu Ying 諸英, Huang Zi Jie 黃姿潔
Network: TTV
Release Date: December 2, 2017
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  • Yen Tsao as Wang Qiang Da 王強大
  • Guo Da Rui (郭大睿) as childhood Qiang Da
  • Amanda Chou as Wang Qiang Wei 汪薔薇
  • Cai Hai Yin (蔡海殷) as childhood Qiang Wei
  • Liu Shu Hong (劉書宏) as Tie Bu Fan 鐵不凡
  • Peace Yang (陽靚) as Lian Si De 連四德
  • Kenny Wen (溫肯尼) as Chen Yun Fei 陳雲飛
  • Zhao Zi Qiang (趙自強) as Yan Chang Tai 嚴長泰
  • Kao Ying Hsuan as Zhan Ding Xuan 詹定宣
  • Wang Zi Qiang (王自強) as Li Da Shi 李大世
  • Zhu Jia Wei (朱家緯) as Bai Yi Xin 白藝心
  • Nolay Piho (林慶台) as Li Shang Xun 林尚勳
  • Hong Hua Wei (洪華葦) as Bai Wen Liang 白文良 / Hei Gui 黑

Since his childhood, Wang Qiang has possessed the ability of logical reasoning. He often uses observation and super-sensory ability to secretly assist prosecutors and friends to handle cases. Powerful with excellent mathematical ability, he became a well-known mathematics professor at a young age, but because of a promise, he became a mathematician in the Changtai tutoring class.

Wang Weiwei was originally a wandering history teacher and a part-time antique appraiser, but she became a powerful colleague of Wang because of an accident! Wang Qiang’s good friend Xiaotie has a good impression on Wang Weiwei. He always tries his best to approach her, so that the strong work and life are getting closer and closer to Wang Weiwei.

When the arrogant and ruthless Wang is strong and meets the optimistic and enthusiastic Wang Weiwei, his digital life faces unprecedented challenges. After all, love and the future, can he figure it out

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