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Hero Dog 3 神犬小七 3 (2019)

Hero Dog 3 (2019)
Other Title: 神犬小七 3 / Shen Quan Xiao

Genres: Animals, Youth
China Mainland
iQiyi, iQiyi
Release Date:
June 27, 2019
Shooting Date:
Related Show:
Hero Dog 2


  • Jiang Chao as Bian Mu
  • Cecilia Boey as An Xin
  • Xu Ke as Tang Yuan
  • Wang Yu as Ao Li

Xiaoqi joined the folk dog search and rescue team formed by the former national search and rescue team member An Xin ( Song Yi ornaments) , and the e-sports master Bian Mu ( Jiang Chao ornaments) accidentally became a partner, gradually becoming enemy in the process of training together. As a friend, he has overcome the weaknesses of fear and high, passed the assessment and became a well-trained professional search and rescue dog. The teammates of Xiaoqi and the dog search and rescue team encountered search and rescue missions such as missing old people, avalanche trapped friends, and fire trapped teenagers.

They were brave and courageous, united and united with their respective dog handlers. The retired military dog ​​”rifle” sacrificed to save the suspect when assisting the police to arrest the suspect. Xiaoqi became the new leader of the dog search and rescue team, but its sense of smell was severely damaged during the search and rescue mission. Fortunately, the son was “little.” The emergence of the Seventh, and the careful care of the players, Xiaoqi resumed his sense of smell and “sister father and son” with his son Xiaoqi, perfecting the search and rescue mission and becoming the real leader of the dog search and rescue team. After the earthquake, the search and rescue team bravely rushed to save lives under the leadership of Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi and its partners worked quietly for the happiness of mankind and healed everyone’s heart.


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