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The Wolf 狼殿下 Intro

On the occasion of Tanabata, it was produced by Xinli TV Culture Investment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yaoke Media Co. , Ltd. , Chen Yushan was the chief producer and general director, and Wang Wei’s costume love drama ” Wall Your Royal Highness” released a set of “distance”. The theme stills, in the early days of the Five Dynasties, the king, the stars, the Yao Ji, the rushing, the Baona, the Zhu Youzhen and others are also in the emotional world when they are planning for the whole world.

In the stills, they either embrace each other, or walk together, or embrace each other. In the distance of love, they never miss each other, the best time to meet you, and the worst time to see you. The play was directed by Chen Tongxun, and Han Zhong was the art director. Starring Wang Guo, Li Wei, Xin Yulei, Xiao Zhan, Guo Shuyao, Yan Hongna, Lin Youwei, etc., Ding Yongzhen appeared in special, Yan Shikui played in friendship.

In the name of love, “The Highness of the Wolf”, Tanabata, sweet and touching

As a costume drama of love in the early days of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, “The Highness of the Wolf” is a story about the “distance” theme in the story of Liang Jin’s campaign and the well-being of the world. As shown in the important moments of life, love pulls the distance of the heart and gives life a good life.

They interpret the meaning that love brings to each other at different distances from each other. Behind the true feelings of emotions and sorrows, they are ultimately sweet because of love. In the stills, Yu Wang (Wang Continental ornaments) and the picking stars (Li Wei ornaments) “crowd” and hug, although once plagued by the fate of life, but love bridges their distance, the two look dim, do their best Enjoy the happiness of the same dream at the moment; the lost mood of Yao Ji (Xin Yulei) is held by the king of the king with one hand, separated by an arm is the extra words, “holding” and standing is “with the king like a tiger “The most peaceful distance in their eyes; and Baona (Gu Shuyao), who is the Princess of Qidan , is to let the king of the king “come with each other” and walk up the streets and alleys. Give her a sense of security.

Yu Wang, star picking

Yao Ji, Yu Wang keep the distance

Downtown Lanes and tails, Wang Xiang, accompanied by Bao Na

The “Bounty Hunter” of the Yunyou Quartet (Xiao Zhan) gradually perceives the true meaning of love in the “acquaintance” with the star-picking. The two people rest on the lakeside, and they can be filled with distance. Careful temptation, simple and beautiful, is like the lake behind it is generally clear; Houliang Emperor Zhu Youzhen (Lin Youwei) has been tired of identity, perhaps only with his wife Chu Chu (Lin Cheng ornaments) alone can put down all the guards, enjoy this A “respectful”, stress-free love. In the context of Liang Jin’s hegemony, love is particularly sweet, so that everyone has a warmth in their growth.

Sick and take a rest at the lake

Zhu Youzhen, Chu Chu Xiang Jing Rubin

Love grows up, “The Highness of the Wolf” is a passion for love.

It is reported that “The Highness of the Wolf” tells the story of the Houliang period. The main star of Kuizhou City County and the young wolf boy who grew up in the wolves know each other. After eight years of encounter, the wolf has become a fierce king. The story of the destiny of love for power, revenge, and crisis. In the play, they have to fight for their home country, and they must fight for love in the emotional world.

In the just-released “distance” theme stills, the king and the rushing swords are “decisive”. The more you know the preciousness of love, the more you are willing to pay for love. Every mission has “love” in their own way. Picking up the stars, even if they are cherished by each other, they are willing to keep distance for love; Yao Ji and the star-collecting “relative”, a colleague Wang Zengqing, a bamboo horse, and a prince Wang Tong is a late-night beam, although the king is against them.

The feedback of love is different, but the two still maintain a decent distance; the same is because the king is the enemy of the star and Bao Na, but because of grievances become friends, picking stars with their sincere attitude to improve the perception of Bao Na In the stills, the two men fought side by side, “looking at each other” and wondering what ultimately changed their relationship.

King of the Kings, rushing for love

Yao Ji, picking stars, four eyes relative

Picking stars and Baona to fight side by side

After the “Lanling King”, the famous producer Chen Yushan re-warmed the field of costume drama with high-quality original scripts, trying to make “Wall of the Wolf” become another masterpiece of “The King’s Series”.

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