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My Robot Boyfriend (2019) 我的机器人男友

My Robot Boyfriend
Other Title: 我的机器人男友 / Wo De Ji Qi Ren Nan You

Genres: Drama, Romance, Idol, Fantasy
China Mainland
Zeng Lizhen
iQiyi, Tencent video, Youku video
Release Date:
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  • Jiang Chao as Lin Mobai
  • Mao Xiao Tong as Jiang Mengyan
  • Huang Yang Jing Tian as young Jiang Mengyan
  • Zheng Yi Ming as Qiao Keming
  • Meng Zi Di as Xu Dalu
  • Wang Jing Yan as Zhao Boya
  • Liu Luo Xi as Hai Ling


As a result of a misunderstanding, the intern reporter Jiang Mengyan fell in love with the intern Lin Mobai at first sight and began to take the initiative to pursue the white. Ink was accidentally injured during the expedition of the glacier, and was transformed by the scientist’s father, Linstein.

Part of artificial intelligence. Between the dream and the ink, a love story of splitting and combining began. At the same time, overseas returning neurologist Hu Yufei and jewelry designer Qiao Keming also joined the battle for love. Between the four people, the emotional entanglement of the abuse of the heart is staged. In the career, Meng Yan gradually grew into a senior journalist, and Bai Bai gradually became a more professional and outstanding young doctor. In the end, Mo Bai and Meng Yan confirm each other’s emotions, choose to love each other, and never give up. At the same time, between the white ink and the father Linstein, the father and son resentment and dissatisfaction, and the family can return to life.

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