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Zhang Ruo Yun 张若昀

张若昀 / Zhang Ruo Yun
Other Name: 张若昀 / Zhang Ruo Yun / 张若昀 / 張若昀 / Zhang Ruoyun / จางรั่วหยุน

Nationality: Han (Chinese)
August 24, 1988
Actor, singer,
Beijing, China
Star sign: 
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Kingswood Culture
 the Beijing Film Academy in 2007
Official website:
Father Zhang Jian, Wife/actress Tang Yi Xin (m.2019), daughter (born 2020-May-05)

Zhang Ruoyun, born in Beijing on August 24, 1988, an actor from mainland China, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. In 2004, he entered the entertainment industry by participating in the first TV series ” The Oath of the Sea “. In 2011, he starred in the inspirational revolutionary drama ” Black Fox ” and sang the ending song ” Strong Man “. With Fang Tianyi’s role, he won the most popular TV drama newcomer award and the 2nd LeTV Film Festival Best Newcomer Award. In 2013, starred in the actor Zhou Weiguo in the war drama ” New Snow Leopard ” .

In 2014, he won the Annual Outstanding Actor Award at the National Opera Festival. In 2015, he played Zhang Xianzong in the fantasy drama ” Wuxin Master ” in the Republic of China , and presented the end song “The Longest Journey “. In 2016, he won the Most Popular Actor Award at the 2016 National Drama Ceremony for his spy war revolution drama “The Sparrow “; the suspenseful criminal investigation network drama ” Forensic Qin Ming ” starring in the drama has exceeded 1.2 billion views. The TV series “Dear They” starring in 2017 was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV; in December, she appeared in the drama ” Three Sisters Waiting for Godot ” for the first time in Beijing Poly Theater. In 2018, the starring urban romantic drama “The Evolution of Love ” was released.

TV Drama Series:

  • Joy of Life 2 (2022) as Fan Xian
  • The Fated General (2022) as Huo Qubing
  • Decisive Victory (2022) as Lu Tongzhi
  • Sword Snow Stride (2021) as Xu Fengnian
  • Perfect Evidence (2021) as Situ Jun
  • My Heroic Husband (2021) as as Jiang Haochen (guest role)
  • Joy of Life (2019) as Fan Xian
  • Awakening of Insects (2019) as Chen Shan
  • Hurricane (2019) as Zhao Yulin
  • The Evolution Of Our Love (2018) as Lu Fei
  • Dear Them (2017) as He Anning
  • Hei Hu Zhi Feng Ying (2016) as Fang Tianyi (guest role)
  • Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (2016) as Qin Ming
  • Sparrow (2016) as Tang Shanhai
  • Novoland: The Castle in the Sky (2016) as Feng Tianyi
  • Promise of Migratory Birds (2016) as Pei Xiangxuan
  • Legend of Nine Tails Fox (2016) as Liu Zigu
  • Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (2015) as Zhang Xianzong
  • Light and Shadow (2015) as Luo Tianqiang
  • Intouchable (2015) as Jie
  • The New Snow Leopard (2014) as Zhou Weiguo
  • Love Song (2013) as Lin Heng
  • The Wind (2013) as Fang Tianyi (Guest)
  • Next Life I Will Still Marry You (2013) as Fu Nianwen
  • Flashing Swords (2013) as Yan Songshen
  • Blood Rose (2012) as Zhou Lichan (guest role)
  • Black Fox (2011) as Fang Tianyi
  • Barber (2011) as Zhao Jing
  • Snow Leopard (2010) as Liu Zhihui
  • The Sea’s Promise (2004) as young Ouyang Zheng

Movies Films:

  • Evacuate From the 21st Century (2021)
  • Nuts (2018) as Huang Jian
  • Sky on Fire (2016) Pan Ziwen

TV Show

  • Who’s The Murderer: Season 3 (2017) Guest
  • Divas Hit The Road: Season 3 (2017) Regular Member
  • Who’s The Murderer: Season 1 (2017) (Ep. 05, 08) Guest
  • Happy Camp (1997) (Ep. 991, 1012)

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