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Detective Conan

Detective Conan
Other names: 名侦探柯南
Author: Aoyama Gangchang
Genre: Detective Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


High school detective Shinichi Kudo and his childhood sweetheart Mo Lilan went to the amusement park together, and they witnessed the suspicious transaction scene of the black-clothed man. Kudo Shinichi, who only peeked at the deal, ignored the other accomplice who approached from behind. He was poisoned by the man, and when he woke up, his body actually shrank! If those guys know that Kudo Shinichi is still alive, not only will their lives be unsafe, they will also endanger the people around them.

Under Dr. Aka’s suggestion, he decided to conceal his identity. When Xiaolan asked about his name, he changed his name to Edogawa Conan. In order to collect information on those guys, he stayed at the home of Xiaolan whose father was a detective. The mystery black organization… all he knew was that they were codenamed by the name of the wine. In order to expose the true colors of those guys, little detective Edogawa Conan began to show off his talents!


Seven bizarre events in Didan Primary School
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