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Lover’s Ocean

Lover’s Ocean (Novel)
Other Name: 恋人的海洋

Genre: novel
Bai Li Bo
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High-rise buildings are lined up on this land, spacious and clean roads have been extended forward, and camphor trees grow on both sides of the road. Vehicles shuttle back and forth on the avenue. This is a beautiful and prosperous southern city.

Several teenagers wearing peaked caps, backpacks, and roller skating crossed the road at a rapid speed and disappeared into the crowd instantly.

Tourists from different regions are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city with various joys in this spring season.

People who come and go, if you are tired of walking, find a place to sit down, drink a sip, take a break, and then move on.

Those young people seem to be never tireless, their energy is vigorous, their hearts are in the heat, and they will never stay for a place, even for a little while.

Xia Jie is wearing a popular style today. Light red long-sleeved chiffon shirt, with a pleated skirt on the bottom of the navy blue pattern case, stepped on the colorful beads sandals, a beautiful dress, and his tall body, complementing that beautiful appearance. [Read More]

Chapter List:

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