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Became a Handsome Man 变身花美男 (2019)

Became a Handsome Man
Other Title: 变身花美男 / Bian Shen Hua Mei Nan

Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance, Idol
Episodes: 30
Country: China Mainland
Director: Zhu Dongning
Release Date: 2019
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  • Fang Hui
  • Lee Sang-Yeob
  • Liu Chao
  • Amanda Tan
  • Morning Chang
  • Fan Ming
  • Rocky Lou
  • Wang Ning
  • Bonnie Wei
  • Dong Muchen

Xia Jiangnan is a gentle, kind, and well-educated girl, but neutral dressing is often mistaken for boys. Due to the sudden death of the bankrupt father in the chicken farm, the mother was unable to repay the debts owed. Xia Jiangnan chose to provoke a heavy burden at home. She worked outside the home and worked as a number of employees. Xia Jiangnan knew the rich family who had eaten the king meal. A simple arrogant man. I am happy because my character is rebellious and I refuse to study. I am not willing to work. My father is very troublesome. My cousin Ding Yufei has made a plan for this. He will swindle the joy of love and swindle into the sports car club where only men are recruited to be a grassroots wipe. turner.

As a result, Xia Jiangnan came to the club to help his friends but was mistaken as a male employee by Ding Yu. The Xia Jiangnan, who worked hard, got the appreciation of Ding Yufei. Xia Jiangnan entered the club as a male, and here she met again with pleasure. Happy because of misunderstandings with Xia Jiangnan, the two began to rejoice in their wits and wits, and Xia Jiangnan, who worked hard at the end of his work, helped his family pay off their debts and gain love.

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