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Attain the Highest Level in One Step 一步登天 (2019)

Attain the Highest Level in One Step
Other Title: 一步登天 / Yi Bu Deng Tian / Raiders of the New Way

Genres: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 40
Country: China Mainland
Network: BTV, ZJTV, iQiyi, iQiyi
Release Date: 2019
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  • Wen Zhang
  • Yan Ni
  • He Minghan
  • Yang Shuting
  • Liu Liwei
  • Lin Yuan
  • Xie Yuchen
  • Chen Kaixuan
  • Xu Ziru
  • Tian Hao

Na Lan is a thief attempting to con a royal highness of riches he does not have. While in action, Na Lan inadvertently learns that treasures from the palace have gone missing after a fire in the Forbidden City. Unbeknownst to Na Lan, feudal lords, bandits and a number of greedy individuals have already heard of the same rumor and have set their sights on the prize. Na Lan manages to obtain the map, which puts a target on his back. To save himself, Na Lan must find the treasure first so he takes off with Bao Yan, 1st Royal Highness and You Chui to begin an adventure in Jiangnan. Source by


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