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Deep in the Realm of Conscience 深宫計 (2018)

Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Also known as: 深宫計 / Gong Xin Ji 2: Shen Gong Ji / Shen Gong Ji

Genres: Hong Kong Drama
Episodes: 36
Country: Hong Kong
Network: TVB
Release Date: 2018
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  • Steven Ma
  • Kenneth Ma
  • Edwin Siu
  • Nancy Wu
  • Annie Liu
  • Chrissie Chau
  • Alice Chan
  • Jacqueline Wong
  • Susan Tse
  • Candy Law
  • Akina Hong
  • Pinky Cheung
  • Angie Cheong
  • Michelle Yim
  • Lee Lung-Kei
  • Rosanne Lui
  • Sharon Luk
  • William Chu
  • Alan Tam
  • Winki Lai
  • Hebe Chan
  • Erin Wong
  • Kimmy Kwan
  • Virginia Lau
  • Lena Wong
  • Mandy Ho
  • Aliya Fan
  • Gloria Chan
  • Athena Ng
  • Debbie Lo
  • Moss Wu
  • Joan Lee
  • Savio Tsang

Between long years, Li Longji ( Steven Ma ornaments ) , together with the aunt Princess Taiping ( Chen Wei ornaments ) coup, would erode the legitimacy of Webster ( Michelle ornaments ) summary execution, with the support of Wang Li Dan ( Li Longji ornaments ) to return a large system. However, it seems that the Taiji Deep Palace, which seems to return to calmness, is actually undercurrent.

Above the hall, the situation changed, Li Longji and Taiping princesses camped apart, and it became a fire. Among the palace, as principal Shang Palace Bureau Wang Zhen (Nancy ornaments ), led by wrestling with all the concubines, intrigues. Some people give up their conscience because of their high power, and some people give up everything for their loved ones.

Long Wu army under three Shu ( Kenneth Ma ornaments ) and opportunistic revenge Ho from ( Edwin Siu ornaments ), the history of women Yuan Yue ( Annie Liu ornaments ) and Gan Eugenie ( Jacqueline Wong ornaments ), four truth nature, is palace laden sum romantic. The Supreme Court banned the court, and the case was overwhelmed, and after the smashing and smashing, the secrets of the dusty days were revealed. Under the shadow of the high wall, staged a scene of love and hate and hatred.

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