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Dear Designer (2020) 亲爱的设计师

Dear Designer
Also known as:  亲爱的设计师 / Qin Ai De She Ji Shi

Genres: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 40
Country: China Mainland
Director: Luo Canran
Writer: Wu Ying Ying
Network:  Tencent Video
Release Date: Oct 26, 2020 – Dec 1, 2020
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  • Zhang Jia Ning as Shen Tiantian
  • Jiang Yi as Zhao Mingyuan
  • Winston Chao as Zhao Lange
  • He Sai Fei as Li Manli
  • Sheng Guan Sen as Wang Ye
  • Jiang Fang Ting as Tang Guo’er
  • Yue Yao Li as CEO Zheng
  • Xu Rong Zhen as Sai Lina
  • Chai Ou as Wei Weian
  • Wang Lan as CEO Wu
  • Dong Tao as Secretary Sun
  • Lan Lan as Chai Rong
  • Liu Kai Fei as Zhao Mingxin
  • Jiang Xi Yuan as Jessica
  • Yan Zhi Ping as Hu Xuefan
  • Cui Tian Yi as Linda
  • Zhu Xiang Yang as Niu Xiaozhu
  • Tao Yu Qiong as Li Li
  • Peng Yi Cheng as Kai Lun
  • Bi Hui as Zhou Zhi Ruo

Shen Tiantian studied design with the support of Li’s clothing chief Li Manli. In order to repay Man Li, she made a “shadow designer” for Mang’s daughter Tang Guoer, and she became a girlfriend with nothing to say. In order to let Li’s clothing go to the world, Manli decided to let the fruit and Zhao Heyuan, the heir to the Zhao Group, to each other to strengthen Li. Unexpectedly, the fruit fell in love with an unknown “male god”, and asked for a blind date for himself.

I did not expect that Tian Ming and Zhao Mingyuan really fell in love, and the fruit found that her male god was actually Zhao Mingyuan. To complete the fruit, leave every day with pain. If the fruit is willing to marry Zhao Mingyuan, the dowry is also the brand “fruit” designed in her name every day. But because of the embarrassment, the fruit was to destroy all traces of the day and sold the “fruit.”

At this time, Li’s outbreak scandal: Zhao Mingyuan was not the heir to the Zhao’s group, but was only adopted by Zhao Lange. Zhao Lange’s move was to completely defeat Li’s Garment Group. The real son of Zhao Lange turned out to be Wang Ye who secretly loved the fruit. Zhao Mingyuan saw the true face of Zhao Lange, and he resigned in anger. He invited everyone to join hands and began the road to revitalization of “Made in China.” The Li group collapsed, and Manly left the world in desperation. The fruit blamed the roots of misfortune on every day.

She lost her mind and decided to focus on design and compete with each other. The two best-selling girlfriends have become the opponents who know each other best. However, Zhao Mingyuan, who is wise, is aware that the vicious competition between Li and Zhao has been the result of deliberate provocation by overseas capital to suppress the Chinese design industry. Zhao Mingyuan is determined to smash the despicable plan of overseas capital. In the end, through the efforts of Zhao Mingyuan, the fruit repented and the plan for overseas capital completely failed. Fruit and the day together, the “Made in China” fashion brand is pushed to the world.

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