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Twelve Legends 十二傳說 (2019)

Twelve Legends
Also known as:  Our Unwinding Ethos / 十二傳說

Genres: Hong Kong Drama
Episodes: 12 Episodes
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: Dec 31, 2019
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  • Edwin Siu
  • Cheung Wing Hong
  • Lin Xia Wei
  • Moon Lau
  • Angel Chiang
  • Jazz Lam
  • Lau Kong
  • Eva Lai
  • Mary Hon
  • To Yin Gor
  • Jimmy Au
  • Kirby Lam
  • Hero Yuen
  • Bobo Yeung
  • Chung Chi Kwong
  • Lulu Kai

Edwin will play Fu Chi Pok (傅子博), a ‘hea’ reporter who unravels mysterious urban legends. He and Cheung Wing Hong already know each other because the relationship between reporters and cops is actually very close; they would either get information from the other or help each other. To investigate cases, he will also study folkloristics at the university, becoming Lin Xia Wei’s student. He likes Moon Lau, but because she is very knowledgeable, having already won many reporter awards when she just entered the industry, he feels that he does not match up to her. There is a love triangle among him, Lin Xia Wei, and Moon.

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