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Heart Signal (心動的信號 第2季)

Heart Signal (心動的信號 第2季)

Genre: Reality Show
Release Date: 
June 19, 2019
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Du Haitao, Rainie Yang, Zheng Kai, Song Qian, Yang Chaoyue, Liu Xuan


Heart Signal Season 2 “Heart Signal “, the original work is a variety show produced by South Korea ‘s Channel A in 2017. It is a variety show produced by Tencent Video in 2018. Jiang Sida , Zhang Yuqi , Zhu Yawen , Guan Hong , Yang Chaoyue , Jiang Zhenyu Waiting for someone to host, the main focus is the production team to find 8 young men and women to live together in the “Signal Cabin” (located in Shanghai ) for a month, and reason about the signals that appear between them. Love program If the host guesses correctly, you can get the love One rough stone (sugar).

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