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Ice Fantasy Season 1 幻城 Season 1 (2017)

Ice Fantasy Season 1
Also known as: 幻城 1 / Huan Cheng Season 1

Genre: Fantasy, romance
Episodes: 62
Country: China Mainland
Director:  Ju Jue Liang (鞠觉亮)
Writer: Shen Zhi Ning (沈芷凝)
Network: Hunan TV
Release Date: Jul 24, 2017
Related Show: Novel Huan Cheng (幻城) by Guo Jing Ming (郭敬明)


  • Feng Shao Feng as Ka Suo / She Mi
  • Victoria Song as Li Luo / Li Jing
  • Ji Zi Han as child Li Luo
  • Ma Tian Yu as Ying Kongshi / Sword Spirit Shi / Luo Tianjin
  • Zhang Meng as Yan Da
  • Kim Hee Sun as Lian Ji (Lotus)
  • Bai Bing as young Lian Ji
  • Hu Bing as Huo Yi (Fire King)
  • Mai Di Na as Lan Shang
  • Shao Bing as Ice King
  • Gong Bei Bi (龚蓓苾) as Ice Queen
  • Cheng Pei Pei as Feng Tian (Ice Tribe Grandma)
  • Wang Duo (汪铎) as Huang Tuo
  • Xu Ke (徐可) as Xing Jiu
  • Xu Jiao (徐娇) as Xing Gui

In a devastating war between the Ice and Fire Tribe, the two remaining Ice Princes Ka Suo and Ying Kong Shi fled to the mortal world to seek help from their ally tribes. After the Fire Tribe was defeated, Ka Suo reluctantly battles his brother for the throne, but he wants nothing more than to be with his lover Li Luo, whom he cannot marry because she is a human. Ying Kong Shi does everything in his power to take the throne away from Ka Suo to grant him freedom, while Princess Yan Da is willing to give up everything for Shi. Ka Suo later journeys to the Holy Ice Mountains to defeat his enemies Yuan Ji and Lian Ji, and to search for the legendary Veiled Lotus. A war between the Ice and Fire Tribe commences again as the Fire King gains a strong new ally named Luo Tian Jin.


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