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Hi! My Ex 嗨!前任 (2018)

Hi! My Ex 嗨!前任 (2018)
Also known as: 嗨!前任 / Hai! Qian Ren

Genres: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Country: China Mainland
Director: Su Xiaochen
Release Date: Jan 5, 2018 – Feb 11, 2018
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  • Yao Yuan
  • Zeng Mengxue
  • Luo Mi
  • Guo Xinyu
  • Li Xinbo
  • Ye Keer
  • Cai Xiangyu
  • Nie Shiyun
  • Wang Wei
  • Wang Zhipeng


A story about a happy couple who face trials in the form of their exes and learn to appreciate each other. Meng Yun and Ai Da are a soon-to-be married couple. On the way to registering their marriage, they encounter many of their exes who seem to be hellbent on ruining their relationship.


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