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Gifted Dreamer 天生梦想家 (2018)

Gifted Dreamer
Also known as:  天生梦想家 / Tian Sheng Meng Xiang Jia

Genres: Chinese Drama, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 40
Country: China Mainland
Director: Ding Xiaoxiong
Release Date: 2018
Related Show: 


  • Mao Zijun
  • Mou Xing
  • Fan Ming
  • Elena Tong
  • Ma Jinghan
  • Jiang Ruijia
  • Cheng Fangxu
  • Xue Long
  • Niu Mingchen
  • Zhang Shuangli
  • Zhou Bo

Gifted Dreamer 天生梦想家 – After graduating from Qinchuan High School, who lives in a poor mountain village, he helped his father pay his debts, gave up his studies, and went out to work. He came to Shanghai, found a waiter’s job at a coffee shop, and then became a barista with his own efforts. After becoming a barista, Qinchuan had a bigger dream – to build his own coffee brand. After some hardships and rough times, Qinchuan finally succeeded in creating his own coffee brand, Yiyi Coffee, and led Yiyi Coffee to make great achievements. However, as the billion-dollar coffee became bigger and bigger, Qinchuan’s management work began to fail, leading to serious differences in the company’s decision-making. The team that started the business together had a rift, which caused the billion-dollar coffee to end in a collapse. Unwilling to lose, Qin Chuan, with the help of friends, came to Xuzhou, a fast-growing economy, and opened a catering company. With the previous experience of the failure of the previous business, Qin Chuan has always been against the micro-duration, and I am cautious, and I have not repeated the same mistakes. After several years of hard work in Xuzhou, Qin Chuan made the catering company into a domestic first-line catering group and successfully obtained the listing. Qin Chuan finally realized his dream.


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