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My True Friend Episode 16

The six people who looked at the room again were amazed at the perfect design. Shao Xiao Orange felt that this was the credit of himself and his colleagues, and a famous designer. Six people agreed to buy this room.

Barbara drive to the mall to purchase new clothes, planning and discipline of the party together, see Barbara orderly under costumes, stunned. At this time, Shao Yong Orange sent a video to the real, telling the good news, the design of the well was confirmed by the six people in the viewing group, because of his clever design, six people have agreed to buy a house. However, Shao Yong Orange saw that after wearing a new dress, he asked why he really wore it. He really answered him directly, and he had to go to dinner with him. This has something to do with him. Shao Yong Orange thinks that Cheng Zhenzhen had nothing to do with it. Now she has been quietly changing. He felt that Cheng Zhenzhen was toounwilling toworry about himself. When he thought about how to solve this problem, he thought ofthe lovethat Luo Zuer once said: he likes to be willing to pay for him. He suddenly said what Luo Zuer said is very reasonable. Go to Rome. Well, I paid the dress for the real thing, and bought new white shoes.

Well-dressed with the costumes, he attended the reception held by his friends. Mr. Satyki and his wife talked with enthusiasm and well-talking. Not long ago, the unfairness of the well-being was just a smile. I have introduced my good friend and partner Mr. Sadqi and his wife to the true truth. The friends of the well-being have said that for so many years, they are all alone at various banquets. Now they have given all the favors to the true and true. It’s so lucky.

Mr. Sadic is very fond of Chinese culture. Mrs. Satyki is also a tolerant lady. She has been a good friend with them for many years and will soon become a partner again. She talks about the design style of cooperation with Mr. Sadić. Mr. Sadić was very surprised this time, and he reluctantly insisted on the Western style. He could not infiltrate the Chinese culture too much, because Mr. Sadić was affected by the rejection of the bidding that had just occurred not long ago. Cause the public’s emotions. Mrs. Sadić felt that her husband was too arbitrary, and suddenly the atmosphere was dignified. At this time, Cheng Zhenzhen proposed to give a solo dance to Mr. Sadic.

When he really waved his arm and danced Chinese dance, he was completely attracted by the beautiful and beautiful dance. He was immersed in it. Jing Ran recognizes the truth from the true dance is the first-year new alumnus who had been attracted by her dance for many years. Seeing that she really did not care about the injury, she still insisted on dancing and remembered that she was really true. On the toes, she gave her a pair of new white shoes.

After Cheng Zhenzhen’s Chinese dance, Mr. Sadiqi did not give her a lot of praises. It really explained that wearing a European-style dress and dancing Chinese dance today has affected the beauty of the dance. I just told the pair of white shoes that I just bought, and went straight to the truth. When I talked about what I said to her many years ago, I really know that I have already recognized myself. They are excited to embrace together.

I went to Rome for sightseeing with the truth. The two made a wish together, played and sighed that time flies so fast. In a blink of an eye, I really have to go back to China.
Luo Zuer went to Shaohao Orange and saw that his room was very messy. He offered to help him clean up the room and was refused. When his father learned that Shaolin Orange was going to Rome, he wanted to follow it. He was found by Shao Yong Orange. Reasons to refuse firmly.

Fu Xiaoning is at home with a good love and affection, and Luo Zuer, who is in love, calls Xiaoning and asks him to come out to relieve boredom. Xiaoning lied to Xishan as a customer call, and urgently wanted to talk to the customer. Xishan felt that Xiaoning’s going out was a bit strange. Luo Zuer frustrated and drank a lot of stuffy wine, danced wildly in the ballroom, and was deceived by people. Xiaoning helped him and sent his grandfather back to his place of residence.

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