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My True Friend Episode 15

Back from the Chinese community banquet, white aunt blame orderly does Barbara, be proactive and to accompany her to chat, inadvertently, white aunt said Barbara microblogging name really means, so that orderly very surprised. I was able to see the sincere microblog on the computer and found out that she was always by her side and smiled gratifiedly.

The next morning, Shao Yong Orange talked with the real video about the house that was found in the family of six. Suddenly, with a big stick of flowers, he came to find the truth, and wanted to go out and walk, Shao Wei Orange brought a family of six to the real estate that was found last night. This suite is both a school district and the price is within 3.5 million, which meets their requirements. The mother and other people are very fond of this suite. The parents of the man feel that the room is too small. When the parents come to their home, they cannot live. Shao Yong Orange thinks that this is a school district room. Although the space is small, but the cost is high, this is a rare opportunity. When it comes to it, it is necessary to start quickly. The man’s mother and the woman’s mother took the room for a bit of a slogan. Shao Yong Orange came out to put out the fire and proposed that everyone would be happy to buy a house. Four old people poured out the hardships of buying a house.

At this time, Hao Meimei came to see this suite with her own customers. Shao Yong Orange felt that her customers were still there. Hao Meimei still insisted on selling this room to customers. Shao Yong Orange feels that Hao Mei has been rushing to sell his suite with him. It is not interesting. The old people think that this is their first look, and Hao Meixing indicates to his client that the deposit must be paid first. Shao Yong Orange feels that according to the workflow, the letter of intent should be signed first. Whoever signs first, who has the house. Hao Meimei’s client transferred the money by mobile phone and said that the deposit had been paid. The man’s mother was quick to grab her mobile phone and found that Hao Mei’s customer actually paid a deposit of 5 yuan, and she immediately called Hao Meimei and her client was Shao Yong’s orange. Trusted, a family of six and Shao Yong orange are not worried.

Hao Meimei is clever, looking for a support to help Shao Shao orange, I feel that Shao Xiao orange is too stupid, Hao Meimei feels that as long as the sale of the house, do not care what means. Shao Yong Orange does not lead Hao beautiful love.

I am really coming to the place where I drink coffee before going to work every day. Shao Shao Orange failed to sell the house, and the real video, sent the anger to the truth, the house that really worked hard last night to find Hao Mei messed up. Shao Yong Orange saw that the two parents were noisy and uncomfortable. Really let Shao Yong Orange persuade them. I heard the real chat with Shao Yong Orange, and asked to see the room type, maybe he could have a solution.

Shao Yong Orange took Luo Zuer to the roadside stall to eat, and Luo Zuer expressed his feelings to him to Luo Zuer. In Luo Zuer’s understanding, true love is willing to do anything for him.

After renovating and designing the suite, I showed it to the real thing. The small space became a big space, and I also had my latest design of Rubik’s cube furniture to completely solve the problem of a family of six. He explained to himself that he could learn the West. Design concept, and choose to study in Italy, and stay here to work, he thinks that the design of the house is the first standard, so that the occupants can feel comfortable, he expects the owner of the small house to experience the big house.

Experience, and he has been paying attention to the domestic situation, and now small-scale housing has become a just-needed house. Truthfully, I have never let her down. Jing Ran felt that the six-person viewing group gave him inspiration. In the evening, a customer invited me to go to the dinner party. Well, please come together really. I really asked about the cooperation with the company. I promised to give a satisfactory answer.

Shao Yong Orange re-sent the call to each of the six people. After yesterday’s business, they did not believe Shao Yong Orange. In the face of reality, the old man agreed that as long as the young people can stay, they can accept it. Shao Yong Orange encouraged them not to be so sad. Since he asked them to come to see the house again, they found a solution. Shao Yong Orange showed the family the Rubik’s cube furniture, multi-level space design, and now this single room becomes a three-bedroom, solved.

The problem of parents coming together to solve the dead corner is very convenient to get the kitchen utensils. There are also children’s rooms, all of which can be thought of, and they are all thought of when designing. The house uses space geometry to stretch and does not exceed their budget, including a total of 300,000 pieces of furniture. Shao Yong Orange felt that this was the credit of himself and his colleagues, as well as a famous designer. The housekeeper felt that he was so thoughtful and the design was perfect. Six people agreed to set the room.


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