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My True Friend Episode 14

In the middle of the night, Cheng Zhenzhen couldn’t sleep. He had to call Shao Yong Orange for help. He asked him to find a way to rectify the villain. Shao Peng Barbara orange aware help is orderly , not willing to sell, and Barbara felt only Shao Peng orange can.

Under the guidance of Shao Yong Orange, Cheng Zhenzhen successfully reached Mr. Rio for dinner. During the meal, I really spit to Rio. The company sent her to talk with Mr. Jingran, and I wanted to do the repair of the Holy Angel Bridge. Therefore, this trip was very frustrating. She felt that Mr. Raphael was very good. Please help Rio, use the network to invite Mr. Raphael to cooperate with the company of love and family. Rio feels really visionary and casually tells his secret relationship with Rafael. Cheng Zhenzhen and Rio are false and false. Shao Yong Orange recorded the video of the two people remotely, and got the recorded evidence of collusion between Rio and Lafayette, and then sent it to Jing Ran.

The City Hall once again gave the opportunity a chance, and the participants watched a video of Cheng Zhenzhen and Rio. When Rafaelton protested, he really countered Rafael on the spot. She wanted everyone to know the truth of the matter, and really cooperated with the two. Considering that this incident has caused people’s strong emotions, the City Hall has announced the final bidding results and has to maintain Mr. Raphael’s bid. Cheng Zhenzhen felt unfair and pleaded with her to converge her emotions. I really feel that there is a sense of justice. On the way to the true return to the hotel, I can tell the truth that I feel that I have a strong sense of belonging when I am far away from home. Really persuaded the well, my mother accompanied him, that is home.

Shao Yong orange played games while trying to contact Cheng Zhenzhen. At this time, Bai Ayi made a good meal and really treated the truth. After telling the sincerity of Bai Ayi, the erotic eyes looked at the truth, and Bai Ayi was happy. I helped them take a group photo. I really asked what kind of food I liked, but I really would do those seafood.

Bai Ayi invited his son to go to the Chinese Community Center for a banquet.
The children began to identify the logo of the love and home real estate company. If they are gone, they can go to the company to find help and find their parents.
When I was really dining with the aunts of the Chinese community, the aunt next to me wanted to introduce her son to the truth.

At the banquet, Mr. Zhang, a friend of Bai Ayi, confided his loneliness. He suggested that Bai Ayi download Weibo and interact with it. He really helped Bai Hao download Weibo and told Bai Hao that the name of Weibo is true and sincere. When I was alone with the truth, I would like to sincerely thank you for your help in the bidding meeting. Together with Zhenzhen, I played a beautiful piano piece. At this time, Shao Yong Orange called the real, but the true reason for the ensemble with the piano, can not answer.

Jing Ran really returned to his place of residence, told her before leaving, because of her arrival, in the eyes of the well, Rome became very beautiful, it is recommended to seriously consider his advice.

Hao Meimei found that Shao Yong Orange arrived at the company very early, and he did not wake up. Hao Mei deliberately gave Shao Xiao Orange to see her seeing photos of Cheng Zhenzhen and Jing Ran on the Internet. She also said to herself that Qi Cheng may not return to China. Shao Xiao Orange hates Hao Mei, as long as Cheng Zhenzhen is a partner.

Love and home garden shop came five or six old people want to buy a house, like to want to go to the reception, Xiaoning said that they are the Lord who has no money, blocking the good. Shao Yong orange got up to receive the reception, Hao Mei ridiculed that he was stupid by Cheng Zhenzhen. Shao Yong Orange summed up all the requirements for the house. He proposed to have a video with Cheng Zhenzhen. It is necessary to look at the life of her drunken fans. I really care about Shao’s work. Shao Shao’s orange is very difficult to do. I really recommend that both of them log in to the system and find a suitable family of six.

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