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My True Friend Episode 13

Cheng Barbara pushing a lot of luggage, just off the plane to see the house in order to pick up, she was flattered. Well, he pushed Cheng Zhenzhen’s baggage and asked her why she would bring so much luggage. Cheng Zhenzhen said that two of the bags were specially made for Bai Ayi . Well, he told me that Cheng Zhenzhen did not go to the hotel and went directly to his home. Cheng Zhenzhen was unexpectedly unbelievable.
Bai Ayi warmly hosted Cheng Zhenzhen and made a delicious and long-awaited hometown meal with Cheng Zhenzhen’s seasoning. White aunt pulled Cheng Zhenzhen cold and warm. Cheng Zhenzhen said that he can’t stay in Italy for a long time. After she finishes her work, she still has to hurry back. Aunt White’s face showed a disappointing look.

Suddenly, he suddenly said that Cheng Zhenzheng called his name, and he did not rush to leave. He said that he wanted to take a trip to Italy to see the scenic spots of Italy. Bai Ayi surprised and looked at the well, and proposed to join the sightseeing tour in Italy.

After the white aunt settled down, he came to the well-known study room, please don’t bother to disturb the simple and pure truth. Bai Ayi noticed that there was something in mind. Well, I had to spit out the truth. On the way to the airport, the City Hall called to Jing Ran and said that he liked his work very much. It is very likely that he would bid well. If the bid is successful, he may not be able to spend more than a year or two. mom. Aunt Bai’s firm support for his son’s bidding is to worry about whether this trip is full of hope and whether he can accept this fact and return. Bai Ayi suggested that he should find a job in Rome to help him really, and leave the truth. Really and white aunts went shopping on the street, mentioning Shao Yong Orange suggested that Bai Ayi should eat more fruits, and Bai Ayi asked her how much she had relationship with Shao Yong Orange. Really frankly, he and Shao Orange are colleagues, just seeing him young, no experience, and helping him.

In the fruit stand, I really used the Italian language to help the white aunt communicate with the boss. The white aunt was both surprised and happy. It is recommended to stay in Italy and the language progress will be faster. I really said that I just came to talk with me.

Jing Ran has been delaying practical business meetings with Cheng Zhenzhen. Cheng Zhenzhen took the initiative to come to the studio of Jing Ran. Chairman Shao Yong , who represents love and family, talked with Jing Ran. The sincere opening and the company’s display made it easy to see. Really professional literacy and potential, he admits that there is now a more important project in Italy to undertake, so can not take the olive branch thrown by love and family newspaper, however, immediately immediately handed over a contract to design a labor assistant, Invite Cheng Zhenzhen to enter his studio. Cheng Zhenzhen feels that using his design concept to work in China can achieve a sensational effect. I feel that I have to finish my work in Italy before I can go back to work in China.

However, I really returned to the well-being studio very quickly. I asked the sincerity of cooperation with love and family companies. I really thought that I would give myself a false treatment and I would not accept it.

Cheng Zhenzheng left the studio of Jing Ran with anger and anger. Shao Xiao Orange gave her a phone message. He warned that he really thought that he would go out of the country and have freedom. He must report to him sooner or later, and there must be no less.

Well, I found Cheng Zhenzhen, talking about Bai Ayi’s eagerness to leave because Cheng really left. Since Cheng Zhenzhen didn’t think about love and cooperation with his family, he really turned around and threw the proposal of love and home into the trash.

I went to the master’s graduation thesis of the sacred angel bridge with the truth, explaining to her the plan of repairing the bridge by the city hall. I really think that only with my compatriots can I play more in my own country. Out of the greatest talent. I have been struggling in Italy for so many years. The purpose is to let the world see China and cross the wall of the race. I really wish that the dream will come true. Jing Ran said that he saw the true potential, sincere invitation to join, really thank you for the invitation.

I am really going to take part in the ceremony of the renovation of the Holy Angel Bridge. I hope that I can really witness this important moment with him. Jing Ran’s bidding speech received applause from many people, showing that he deeply understood the Italian culture. He completely conquered the Italian city hall, and other bidders, who rushed to protest against the death of Handel.

I really feel that she should return to China. Bai Ayi worked hard to find a hotel where she really lived. She and her hearted, persuaded to really stay in Italy, and Bai Ayi’s ability to persuade the whole body could not impress the truth. In desperation, Bai Ayi took out the truth and gave it to the meat of the well, and said that it was so painstaking and hard to bring this true gift to Italy. Really still feel that she can live up to the company’s expectations and stay in Italy.

At this time, the news in the news broadcasted filthy news, causing the Italians to object to the well, the City Hall finally informed the well, the well-being of the target was denied. I understand that this is the consequence of racial prejudice.

When I was frustrated, I was alone and drinking, and I really found out to explain to it: Leo’s misunderstanding of the true understanding of the truth, so that the standard is down. I understand that the emotional enthusiasm of local residents is very high. Even if it is not true, they can find other reasons to deny the proper target.


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