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Mr. Right: Jin Dong 恋爱先生 (2018)

Mr. Right (2018)
Also known as:  恋爱先生 / Lian Ai Xian Sheng

Genres: Chinese Drama, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 40
Country: China
Director: Yao Xiao Feng (姚晓峰)
Writer: Li Xiao (李潇), Zhang Ying Ji (张英姬)
Network: Dragon TV JSTV
Release Date:  Jan 12, 2018
Related Show: To Be a Better Man (Chinese Drama)


  • Jin Dong as Cheng Hao
  • Jiang Maggie as Luo Yue
  • Li Nai Wen as Zhang Ming Yang
  • Li Zong Han as Song Ning Yu
  • Boey Cecilia as Qiao Yi Lin
  • Ni Da Hong as Cheng Hong Dou

Cheng Hao is a dentist who spends his free time helping others devise ways to get the girl of their dreams, despite the fact that he has never been in love. One day at his clinic, he meets Luo Yue who has a knack for dealing with jerks and heartbreakers.

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